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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Don't Even Think About It

Stella was taken aback, only to see Daniel blocking her way and smirking mockingly. His eyes were filled with hostility and disdain.

"Humph, Stella, now you think you're capable! Do you even set your sights on my position?"

Stella didn't want to argue with him. She sidestepped and walked past him, but Daniel's voice sounded again from behind her.

"Do you think Benjamin, that old fox, really wants to promote you? He's just using you!"

Stella turned to look at him.

Daniel impatiently tugged at his tie with a frustrated and angry face.

He leisurely walked beside her. Stella caught a whiff of the strong smell of smoke on him and felt a bit nauseous.

"Stella, if you really like my position, I can give it to you! Why resort to these means to deal with me?"

"I have never coveted your position." Stella looked at him coldly. "It was Mr. Thompson who called me in and said..."

"Did he say able people should do more work?" Daniel sneered. "That old fox used me the same way back then!"

Stella's gaze dimmed for a moment, and she leaned back, deliberately distancing herself from him.

"Emberfall has been a tough nut to crack for so many years. Even the chairman has no solution. Do you think you can handle it? Can you succeed?"

"Whether I can succeed or not, I won't know until I try." Stella enunciated clearly, her eyes clear. "The company has never been about seniority. If you are so afraid that I'll take your position, compete with me openly and fairly!"

Daniel burst into laughter.

"Stella, you are truly naive! Alright, since you're determined to crack this tough nut, I'll share my insights from these years with you!"

"There are four major families in Emberfall. If you can cooperate with any one of them, it will be enough for you to live comfortably for a lifetime!" Daniel's gaze turned sinister. "But as for the leader of the four major families, the Martinez family, don't even think about it. As for the Wilson family, you can give it a try! Anyway, Mr. Wilson is a charming playboy. With your looks, you might catch his eye!"

Stella's face turned livid. She clenched her fists tightly and took a deep breath. After a few seconds of silence, she looked up and smiled at Daniel.

"You always like to judge things with women's looks."

Daniel was stunned, squinting his eyes and looking her up and down.

"Daniel Clark." Stella's gaze was cold as she called him by his full name. "In your eyes, as long as a woman achieves a little success, she must be trading her body for it, right? Is it true that for a woman to make achievements, she must make use of her appearance and take the so-called shortcuts?"

Daniel glanced at her and chuckled contemptuously.


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