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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 85

Chapter 85 She is Different 

All the other women wanted their husbands to be the richest men in the world, but apparently, his wife was not like them. 

Stella stared at him with her sparkling eyes and asked, "Why should I hope that you are an extraordinary person? Isn't it good to be ordinary?" 

"No." Liam smiled slightly, "What I meant was, if I were successful, wouldn't you be able to have a better life?" 

"Well, we're living a wonderful life right now!" Stella held his arm and leaned her head on his shoulder. 

She had always been a contented person. Compared to fame and fortune, she preferred living an ordinary, peaceful life. 

"Actually, I don't envy those rich people." She said in a low voice, "Maybe it's because I grew up in an abnormal family. I witnessed my mother's tragedy and I always feel that rich people are heartless..." 

"So, I just want to find someone who loves me, start a family, and live happily ever after together! That is my only wish." 

Liam looked at her and asked, "If..." 

He uttered hoarsely, "If, you found out that your husband was actually a rich guy, what would you do?" 

His question struck Stella. She paused, fell into her thoughts, and answered him, "I don't think I could accept it." 

As he listened to her answer, his heart tightened. "Why?" 

"It's too stressful for me. I will feel that we have nothing in common. We live in a different world and I'm sure there will be many conflicts in the future. Instead of fighting every day in the future, it'd be better if we break up now." 

Liam immediately interjected, "Are you planning to break up with me?" 

"Why are you acting so nervous? I'm just kidding!" laughed Stella as she leaned on his shoulder. 

"We're just a normal couple, darling. Stop thinking that unrealistic things. What you said earlier is too unrealistic! Let's live a good life, save our money, and have children until we're old, okay?" 

"Of course," Liam nodded his head as he struggled to say those two words. 

Under the dim light, she couldn't see his somber expression or sense his unspoken feelings. 

Liam hugged her tightly as he felt the sudden fear. He looked out at the pitch-black sea in the distance, as if it were their unknown future.  

Audrey called out to Liam several times before he regained his senses. This time, he almost burned his hand with the cigarette. 

Snatching away the cigarette which he was holding, Audrey smashed it hard into the ashtray and looked at Liam, who was acting like a fool. 

Oliver, who was sitting next to him couldn't stop laughing. "Audrey, you have to remember his stunned expression just now! It's something that will only happen once in a lifetime." 

Liam gave him a death glare. 

Listening to his comments, Audrey became somehow interested, "What's wrong with Liam? He had never acted like this before!" 

"You're right," Oliver whispered, "In fact, he had never acted like this before he got married!" 

Audrey immediately understood the meaning behind his words and burst out laughing. 

Liam was in no mood to talk to them. In order to hide his embarrassment, he randomly picked up the financial magazine next to him and flipped through it, but his action led to another round of laughter. 

"Noah!" shouted Caleb as he pointed out, "You've got it upside down!" 

Liam darkened his facial expression as he listened to Caleb's comments. 

Caleb had long suspected that something must have happened between Liam and Stella to make him act the way he did. But, that was their problem and should be solved between them. So, Liam didn't want to tell them, the outsiders, what was going on. 

He coughed and changed the subject."So... what were you saying earlier? Audrey, did you say something was going to happen in Emberfall?" 


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