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Married to a Secret Billionaire novel Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Owes Her a Honeymoon

Liam smiled indulgently and looked affectionately at her in his arms.

"Darling," Stella playfully said, rubbing against his arms. "Why don't we help them?"

"Help them?" Liam was taken aback. How could they help with something like this? He had no experience.

"Yeah!" Stella said seriously, "If it weren't for Dr. Johnson, we wouldn't have been together. We should thank him for being such a great matchmaker!"

"It would be perfect if we could help him and Mia get together this time!"

Liam's eyes deepened, and he didn't respond.

He thought more than she did, and it was more complicated for him. He didn't like getting involved in these matters rashly.

Moreover, he didn't know what kind of person Mia really was, and Aiden had saved his life. He couldn't bring trouble to Aiden.

But Stella was excited and really wanted to be a matchmaker.

Liam smiled and tousled her hair.

"Darling." Stella leaned against his shoulder like a little cat. "I have a great idea... How about we go on a trip together? It just so happens that Mia and I have annual leave, and I've already found a place!"

She eagerly showed him her phone.

It was a beautiful hot spring resort on the outskirts of Emberfall, and it happened to be located opposite the Martinez Manor on Evergreen Mountain.

Stella had wanted to go there for a long time, and her eyes lit up when she saw the beautiful pictures.

"Why did you choose this place?" Liam's eyes darkened. "Do you really like it?"

"This place is famous!" Stella explained excitedly, "On many review websites, this hot spring resort has only received five-star reviews! And you have to book half a year in advance during holidays."

"If we go now, we can avoid the peak holiday period, and it won't be crowded. We'll have a peaceful and enjoyable time!"

"So, have you already planned everything?" Liam chuckled.

It seemed she really liked it.

But if she knew that the boss behind this resort was Noah, would she still like it so much?

Seeing his strange expression, Stella thought he didn't want to go, so she snuggled into his arms and acted coquettishly. "Darling, let's go together! Even if you don't like matchmaking, then... let's just consider it as our honeymoon, alright?"


"We haven't had a honeymoon since we got married..." Stella's voice grew softer, her cheeks blushing like ripe apples.

Liam was stunned for a moment. Then he burst into laughter and gently embraced her.

Yes, he owed her not only a wedding but also a honeymoon.

If he could make up for one of them now, he should do it!

"Alright." He kissed the tip of her nose and spoke tenderly, "You talk to Mia, and I'll talk to Aiden. Once everything is ready, we'll leave immediately!"


Three days later, the plane landed at Emberfall International Airport. Several people took the airport express and then transferred to a bus. They arrived at the hot spring guesthouse just before sunset, fatigued with the journey.

After storing their luggage, they planned to explore the surrounding area.

The guesthouse was surrounded by mountains on three sides, with beautiful and pleasant scenery. Walking on the mountain paths, they could feel the cool breeze blowing past their ears and the scent of summer in the air. The distant mountains overlapped, and flowers bloomed along the roadside. They could see the unique pavilions and buildings of the hot spring guesthouse. Everything seemed like a fairy tale world.

Stella and Mia were excitedly taking photos along the way, while Liam and Aiden followed behind them like knights protecting their princesses. Their gentle gazes focused only on their loved ones.

"Hey." Aiden patted Liam. "This place is so nice. It definitely wasn't your idea, right?"


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