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My Bad Girl is a Sweet Wife novel Chapter 626

Chapter 626: Do as I say

"You... what are you trying to do? Ye Mu Fan, let me tell you - if you dare do anything towards me, you're dead meat!"


"AH——" Shen Meng Qi screamed.

She felt a gush of wind on her face as a fist flew into the wall behind her.

Ye Mu Fan's fist was covered in blood instantly. He stared coldly at her till all the light in his eyes disappeared.

Three seconds later, Ye Mu Fan slowly straightened up and walked out of the room.

Ye Wanwan glanced at Shen Meng Qi and He Jun Cheng then left as well.

After the two of them left, Shen Meng Qi screamed furiously.


Her plan was so perfect at first, but in the end, everything was ruined.

Thankfully, even if Ye Mu Fan turned his back on her, he wouldn't be able to find any evidence, so this incident would never incriminate her.

But losing a free laborer like that made her very unhappy...

"Meng Qi, what should we do now? Ye Mu Fan found out about us and won't work for me anymore for sure!" He Jun Cheng panicked.

"Shut up. If there's no more Ye Mu Fan, you just have to do things yourself. You're a stylist too; can't you work without him?" Shen Meng Qi said in a frustrated tone.

"I..." He Jun Cheng didn't know what to say and his eyes turned gloomy.

Damn it, this won't do I better go look for that Ye Mu Fan and at most give him some money - he'll definitely agree to that, won't he?

With that thought, He Jun Cheng regained his fearless expression.

At night, on the lonely and deserted road.


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