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My Bad Girl is a Sweet Wife novel Chapter 630

Chapter 630: Please begin your performance

Seeing how sloppy and fearless Ye Mu Fan was, Liang Mei Xuan sneered in her heart. Could it be that this great young master still thinks he can get away with this?

Ye Mu Fan completely angered the elderly couple for stealing classified information this time, Ye Shao Ting's family will be totally destroyed and Ye Mu Fan will have to eat prison food!

With those thoughts, a hint of glee appeared in Liang Mei Xuan's eyes.

Ye Shao An said in an annoyed manner, "Since everyone is here, let's begin. Do you want to turn yourself in or shall we meet in court?"

Ye Wanwan made a casual glance in Ye Mu Fan's direction.

When he got the hint from his sister, Ye Mu Fan gave a slight nod and his expression immediately became even more cynical.

"Turn myself in?" Ye Mu Fan scanned the room and spoke in a doubtful way: "Who's going to turn himself in? What, did the Ye family do something illegal?"

Ye Shao An and Liang Mei Xuan were flabbergasted. Is this child so scared that he lost his mind? Ye Shao An was obviously referring to him...

"Ye Mu Fan, stop your act. The criminal of the Ye family is obviously you!" Ye Shao An bellowed.

"Me?" Ye Mu Fan stood at the same spot and pointed at himself. "I committed a crime?"

"You don't say!" Liang Mei Xuan said in an unpleasant tone.

"Second aunt, are you awake from your sleep?" Ye Mu Fan frowned. "Did I murder someone or commit arson?"

Liang Mei Xuan scoffed. "Ye Mu Fan, you're pretty good at acting, huh! Don't tell me you forgot about stealing the tender document from the Ye family, right?"

"Tender document?" Ye Mu Fan seemed surprised and he turned to Ye Wanwan. "Wanwan, what tender document is second aunt talking about?"

Ye Wanwan acted with him and replied lazily, "I think it's the tender document for the Splendid Light project."


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