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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 1

Chapter 1 PR Crisis

It began to snow when Faye Nash arrived at the hotel.

The excited crowd of paparazzi at the gate was a stark contrast to the gloomy weather.

When Colin Farrell's assistant saw her, he rushed over and said, "Faye, what brought you here?"

Faye was a pretty woman who barely smiled, so she looked a little serious.

She took off her leather gloves casually, raise her eyes to look at the assistant, and asked, "Where's Mr. Farrell?"

The assistant replied with an embarrassed face, "In the room."

Faye looked away from him and knocked on the door. After a while, a woman in her early twenties opened the door with bloodshot eyes.

She didn't know Faye, so she sniffed and asked in a soft voice, "Did Mr. Farrell hire you to manage the PR crisis?"

Faye nodded slightly and brushed past her.

When she entered the door, Colin was coming out of the bathroom with a bath towel loosely hanging around his waist, and the drops of water from his hair were flowing down his collarbones and his lower abdomen and finally got into the bath towel.

Seeing Faye, Colin smiled faintly without feeling embarrassed although his wife had caught him adultery, and then he asked, "Why are you here?"

Faye raised her head, looked into his playful eyes, and responded calmly, "This case is too tricky. There are many paparazzi downstairs, so no one else wants to take the order."

When they were talking, the atmosphere was businesslike but inexplicably harmonious.


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