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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Well-Matched

"You were so young at that time. Were you sad?"

Faye was stunned by Colin's words.

She didn't answer but just quietly looked at him.

Colin also stared at her with one hand at her waist and the other pressing forward her back neck.

His ambiguous and gentle movements suddenly made Faye's heart tremble. She moved her red lip, "Colin."

Colin's voice was low, "I'm here."

Faye took a deep breath. "It's been a long time. I forgot it."

When she finished, he approached her and rubbed her lip. "I know you didn't forget it. If you don't want to say, I won't ask."

Faye didn't know what to speak.

She had never felt this way before, and it was strange.

Her heart was now sour, full, and itching.

While she was still dazzled by this strange feeling, Colin clasped her tightly into his arms and said in a low voice, "Let me hug you for a while."

Perhaps it was Faye's illusion that Colin was somewhat sad at the moment.

They hugged for more than ten minutes. Faye was tired maintaining this position, so she put her hand hanging down on Colin's back. "Is that enough?"

Colin laughed, "Not very."

Faye pushed him, "It's enough. I'm tired."

Colin leaned back with Faye's strength over the bed and looked at her with an evil smile, "How about we change a position?"

Faye stared at him and got down off his body.

Then she sat opposite him.

Colin knew what she wanted to say, so he said directly before she opened her mouth, "I'll call Ethan. Let him do it."

Faye nodded.

With a half-smile, Colin picked up his cell phone in front of Faye and called Ethan.

A few seconds later, the phone was on. Ethan's steady voice rang, "Colin."

Leaning against the bed, Colin picked up the cigarette box on the bedside table and took a cigarette in his mouth. "Have you come back?"

Ethan, "Yes."

Colin bent one leg and straightened the other, hooking his finger at Faye.

Faye didn't know what he meant but only frowned and approached.

He grabbed her lumbar and pulled her into his arms so her back rested against his chest. He said to Ethan, "Now that you're back, help me look into a person."

Ethan, unlike Abbot, was taciturn, "Who's that?"

Colin, "A Farrell. I don't know who he is. He's about seventy years old. I heard he has a black hawk tattoo on his left shoulder."

When Colin finished, Ethan laughed and said, "Just these clues? Are you kidding me?"

Colin laughed as well. "I'm serious."

Ethan asked again, "Who is he?"

Colin did not hide it from him, "A person related to Faye's parents' car accident."

It was Ethan who helped Colin investigate Faye's background, so he was very clear about Faye's past.

Ethan agreed, "Okay, I'll start it tomorrow."

Colin, "Thank you. Call Abbot out for dinner tomorrow."

Ethan teased him, "I've heard from Abbot that now you are with Faye every day. Why are you suddenly willing to come out and party with us?"

Colin looked down at Faye in his arms and whispered, "Stop it."


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