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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Invited

Colin was talking about something to Mr. Blake.

Mr. Blake looked disbelieving. Colin held a cigarette between his slender fingers with a playful smile.

After leading Faye to the box, the lobby manager greeted Colin and exited.

Faye elegantly stepped forward to greet Mr. Blake.

Mr. Blake looked at Faye with a smile, "Faye, nice to see you again."

Faye said, "Welcome to Cocanel, Mr. Blake."

Mr. Blake said, "I heard from Colin that you are also good at table tennis. Maybe we can play it sometime."

Faye smiled, and her words were flawless, "You are flattering me. I am just an amateur."

When Faye finished speaking, Colin said teasingly, "Mr. Blake, she's trying to deceive you. Even my dad is no match for her in terms of table tennis."

Mr. Blake was surprised and he looked at Faye with different eyes, "Really? I remember that Old Mr. Farrell plays table tennis very well."

Colin smiled, "So be prepared. She might easily defeat you."

As Colin and Mr. Blake talked in turn, Faye just stood by with a smile.

At first, Faye had some doubts about Colin and Mr. Blake's friendship between generations, but now Faye was convinced that Colin didn't lie.

Colin joked with Mr. Blake for a while, then looked up at Faye with a smile, "Sit, what are you doing standing there?"

Faye stepped forward, checked where the two of them were sitting, and finally chose a seat in the middle and sat down.

Mr. Blake glanced at her, smiled kindly, and turned the menu to her, "What kind of dishes do you like? Order it yourself."

Faye didn't take the menu. She just responded with a smile, "I'm not a picky eater. Whatever you order will be fine with me."

Mr. Blake admired Faye not only for her tenacity at work but also for her attitude towards him- she was neither servile nor overbearing.

She never curried favor with him like some young people, nor was she overly cold and indifferent. The way she communicated with people was pleasant and just right.

Faye said she would not order herself, and Mr. Blake didn't insist. He turned the menu to Colin for him to order.

Colin reached out and picked up the menu. After a glance, he called the waiter in, ordered a few dishes at random, and finally said, "No coriander."

The waiter said, "Okay, Mr. Farrell."

After the waiter left and the box door was closed, Mr. Blake teased Colin, "I haven't seen you for a while. How come you don't even eat coriander now?"

Colin dropped his gaze, smiled faintly, and poured the hot coffee into the tableware in front of him to clean it.

Faye remained silent, but her heart missed a beat.

She was allergic to coriander and would get hives after eating it.

After the dishes were served, Faye found there was no coriander at all.

None of them had mentioned what this gathering was for, but they all knew this was a welcoming dinner for Mr. Blake.

Faye hadn't used the forks in front of her to get food until she saw Mr. Blake start picking up dishes with his forks.

Faye lowered her head and a strand of loose long hair fell. Colin took a glance at her, then calmly moved his chair to her side, and reached out to tie her long hair naturally.

Faye was taken aback; she looked up at Colin.

Colin looked at her with a half-smile, "Have your dinner. Why are staring at me? Are you gonna feed on my face?"


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