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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Embarrassment

That was such a huge blow.

As Mr. Blake finished his words, Colin turned his gaze on Faye subconsciously.

Faye was still smiling as if she didn't take Mr. Blake's words to heart at all.

Colin bit the cigarette butt. "You old fox!"

After coming out of the hotel, Colin sent a car to take Mr. Blake to his old friend, then turned to look at Faye, and said with a natural expression, "Your place or my place?"

Faye was stunned for a moment, then realized what Colin meant, "I have an early meeting tomorrow."

Colin draped his suit jacket over his forearm with a half-smile, "Then your place it is! It will save you some time."

Faye's height was not short among women, but in front of Colin, she was still a head shorter than him.

As the two looked each other in the eye, Faye spoke, "I'm not in the mood today."

Colin stepped forward, lowered his head, and leaned closer to her ear, "Then I'll do the physical work."

Faye was speechless.

She felt Colin had targeted her like a hunter.

Faye was still regretting making out with him that night even when she got into Colin's car.

She didn't lose her sanity at that time, how came...

Just because she didn't refuse him the first time, it would be hypocritical of her to refuse right now.

It was like saying one thing and doing the other.

The two were silent in the car, and Robert, who was sitting in the front, glanced at the two in the rearview mirror from time to time, with great confusion.

When did the two of them start?

He followed his boss from day to night. Why didn't he find any clues before?

While driving, Robert pondered the events of the previous two days in his mind, trying to analyze whether there were any signs.

But after thinking about it for a long time, he found he could only remember their tit-for-tat scenes, and there were no traces of any crush.

The car arrived at Faye's community, and the two got off the car one after the other.

Robert jumped out of the car and asked Colin, "Mr. Farrell, what time should I come to pick you up tomorrow morning?"

Colin glanced at Robert, "11 am."

Robert asked, "How about the regular meeting tomorrow morning?"

Colin said, "Postpone it to 11 am. By the way, my wife's car was parked at the hotel; go and drive it back."

Robert said, "Okay."

Robert had always called Faye madam.

Colin didn't refute it, but he never admitted it. This was the first time Colin admitted Faye was his wife so bluntly.

Robert was not the only one who didn't get used to the way Colin called Faye.

Even Faye herself didn't get used to it. She frowned somewhat but soon the frown disappeared.

Faye's place was not as good as Colin's.

Colin lived in a villa while she just lived in an apartment, with two bedrooms and one living room, with an area of less than 900 square feet.

The two entered the apartment one after the other. When Colin hugged her from behind, Faye was about to say that she didn't have any men's slippers.

Colin was tall and almost pulled her directly into his arms.

Faye couldn't help trembling. Colin chuckled in her ear, "If it wasn't for Mr. Blake today, you wouldn't even have dinner with me, would you?"

Faye didn't refute. Colin pecked her earlobe and her neck, and then gave her a bite on her neck.

Being caught off guard, Faye couldn't help but moan.

Colin pressed her against the hall cabinet, held her waist, and prevented her from escaping. He said teasingly, "You don't admit what happened after you get dressed, do you?"


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