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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Ready to Show Up

What Colin said was very thought-provoking.

At first, no one understood what Colin meant when he finished his words, until someone in the instagram booed, "Mr. Farrell, what's the reality?"

The crowd had a moment of enlightenment with their laughter rose one after another.

She looked serious.

What about the reality?

Faye looked up at the uninhibited Colin on the stage with an indifferent expression.

It was undeniable that a man like Colin was always the focus wherever he went, which is eye-catching.

After Colin finished speaking, it was time for the group of stars to take photos.

Since Mr. Blake was there, the central position naturally belonged to Mr. Blake.

Mason was also present, standing on the right side of Mr. Blake, with an obviously unhappy expression. Her agent kept winking at her to imply her to keep calm.

During the star shooting part, the business leaders almost left. Only a few people who seemed to be on good terms with Colin were chatting and joking.

Colin stood out among the crowd and joked with them.

It seemed that he laughed brightly, but in fact, the smile was not as deep as his eyes.

Faye was still arranging for people from the public relations department and the logistics department to deal with the aftermath. Glancing at Colin, she instantly knows the reason why he was not interested.

Colin has two brothers, one is called Ethan and the other is called Abbot.

Neither of them came tonight.

His own brother didn't come while here came were some fair-weather friends. It was not easy for Colin to deal with them from then to now.

If it had been a few years ago, when Colin was young, he would have left early.

After the stars took photos, Mr. Blake took a look at Colin standing in the crowd, took out his mobile phone to send him a message, and walked out of the hotel.

Faye, who was talking to Galen, seeing the figure of Mr. Blake, quickly talked to Galen a few words and then quickly followed Mr. Blake.

Walking out of the hotel, Mr. Blake was about to take a taxi when Faye stopped him and asked, "Mr. Blake, are you leaving now?"

Mr. Blake didn't expect that Faye would follow him out. He laughed after being surprised and said, "Well, the annual meeting is over, and I won't attend the rest. I'm too old to stand the noise."

Faye nodded, "Are you going back to the hotel? I'll drive you."


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