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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Childhood Sweetheart

Faye suddenly remembered that she had forgotten to bring her nightdress into the bathroom, so she leaned against the wall and exhaled at the mist-filled air.

The coldness of the tile wall was in stark contrast to the heat of the hot shower, which made her tremble.

After standing still for about half a minute, she wrapped a bath towel around her chest, lightly knocked on the door, and said softly, "Colin, are you out there?"

There was no response, so she added, "I forgot to bring in my nightdress. Can you please get me a nightdress from the wardrobe?"

After she finished speaking, Colin remained silent.

When Faye opened the bathroom door a crack and saw him fall asleep on the sofa, she secretly heaved a sigh of relief, walked to the wardrobe with bare feet, took out a nightdress, turned around, and went back into the bathroom.

The moment the bathroom door was closed, Colin opened his eyes, and his gaze fell on her tender ankles.

When Faye walked out in the nightdress, she found Colin who was looking at his phone while lying on the sofa, so she frowned, "You didn't fall asleep?"

Colin lifted his eyes to look at her and grinned, "What?"

Faye took a deep breath and said, "Since you didn't fall asleep, why didn't you respond when I asked you to do me a favor just now?"

Colin put his hand holding the phone under his chin and lied, "Really? I didn't hear you speak."

Faye was speechless because of his attitude. She looked at him for a while, turned around silently, and got on the bed.

After she lay down, she turned the light to dim yellow, intending to be glued to her phone before sleeping.

When she was a little sleepy, Colin's phone suddenly rang.

He casually answered the phone as if he were alone in the room and said in a low and seductive voice, "What's up?"

The room was so quiet that Faye could hear a woman say in a sweet voice, "Colin, come out to have fun!"

Colin grinned, "Why? Do you miss me?"

The woman said like a spoiled child, "Come on! We're waiting for you!


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