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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 84

Chapter 84 Repay

Faye thought her heart had become as hard as a rock after she had lived in the Farrells for so many years.

She had believed even if she could not be ruthless, she could remain calm on the surface no matter what happened, and she was very proud of her good acting.

But now, her disguise was abruptly cracked by Colin's words.

Seeing her drooping her eyes, Colin slid his hand from her head down to her neck, rubbed it gently, and said, "Try this dish. It's tasty."

Faye nodded her head and secretly took a deep breath to calm down.

Hearing Colin's words, Old Mr. Farrell said in surprise, "Faye, do you find your family?"

Colin smiled and answered, "Yeah."

Old Mr. Farrell said, "I thought she is an orphan."

Colin said, "Her parents died, but she has an aunt."

It was not Old Mr. Farrell who had adopted Faye, so he was not very clear about her situation.

Hearing his, he nodded and said casually, "Has she met her aunt?"

Colin said, "Yes! They look very alike, and we've done a paternity test. That lady is indeed her aunt."

Colin's words dispelled Old Mr. Farrell's doubts, so the latter replied in a deep voice, "Faye, I'm glad to hear that you reunite with your family."

It was Faye's business, but Colin had explained it to Old Mr. Farrell on behalf of her.

When Faye came back to her senses, Old Mr. Farrell had already accepted Carlotta's existence.

When she turned her head to look at Colin, he raised his eyebrows slightly and mouthed, "How are you going to repay me?"

Faye was speechless.

After dinner, Old Mr. Farrell went to the yard to trim his flowers.

Even though it was winter now, Old Mr. Farrell's flowerbed was still overflowing with vigor because he had built a greenhouse.

And Colin was accompanying him.

Seeing him seriously trim the branches, Colin chuckled softly while leaning against the wall.

Hearing this, Old Mr. Farrell didn't get angry but looked up at him and asked, "What do you think of Nylah?"

Colin joked, "You should ask Hank this question."

Old Mr. Farrell said, "I don't like her."

Colin sneered, "Why did you agree?"

Old Mr. Farrell gave him a deep look without saying a word and then continued to take care of the flowers. After a while, he said, "He is your brother. Don't go too far."

Hearing this, Colin smiled, "I will remember your teachings."

Meanwhile, Faye was chatting with Nylah in the living room.

Faye did like talking about family affairs, while Nylah was very reserved. Although there was no awkward silence, the atmosphere was not warm.

Helen and Madam Farrell weren't at home today. It was said that they had gone to a hot spring. They didn't like Nylah.


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