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My Fair Stunner novel Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Made It Clear With Her

With that, Abbot felt great when he saw Colin squinting at him.

Well, revenge was indeed a dish best served cold.

Abbot straightened his back, ignored Colin completely, and continued to flatter Faye.

Faye gave a half-smile and her sense of proportion was just right.

Colin watched from the side with his hands in his pockets, "Are you done talking?"

Abbot wasn't furious when he was interrupted and said with a smile, "We're done. I heard that you have two bottles of good wine at home?"

Colin understood Abbot's implication and raised his eyebrows with a smile, "How about I give you one bottle?"

Abbot went further, "Is that enough?"

Colin laughed angrily, "How about I give you both?"

Abbot pretended to be polite, "Thanks a lot."

Colin gritted his teeth and said, "You're welcome. We're friends anyway!"

Abbot looked serious, "That's right!"

A few minutes later, Abbot was standing in front of the wine cabinet in Colin's house. Besides the two bottles of wine he had been given, he also took a few more bottles.

Abbot said he was worried that Colin would make mistakes of excessive drinking.

In return, Abbot didn't stay long. He told something about Hank to Colin privately and then found an excuse to leave.

Once Abbot was gone, only Colin and Faye were left in the house.

They looked at each other, and Colin got up and walked towards the single-seat sofa Faye was sitting on. He put his hands on the armrests to corner her and asked in a low voice, "Are you staying tonight?"

Faye raised her eyes and said, "I'm going home to take a shower."

This excuse was too perfunctory. Colin chuckled and was about to say something sweet when the phone in his pocket rang.

Colin looked unhappy and took out his phone.

Seeing the caller ID on the screen, he paused for a few seconds. He then straightened up and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window with his phone, "Hello, Godmother."

With that, a middle-aged woman's voice came from the other end of the phone, "Colin."

Colin frowned, "Godmother, don't cry, just say something."

Hearing Colin's address to the caller, Faye got up and walked towards the door.

Faye knew that Colin's godmother was Mason's mother. She heard that Colin had been taken care of by her before he returned to the Farrells.

Faye wasn't in the habit of eavesdropping on others' telephone conversations. Seeing that Colin was talking seriously on the phone, she walked to the door, put on her shoes, and left.

Colin was listening to the cry of his Godmother on the other end of the phone. When he heard the sound of her leaving, his face turned cold.

His Godmother on the phone was still talking, but Colin couldn't hear it clearly and said coldly, "Godmother, are you at Mason's place now? I'll go over and we'll talk face to face."

An hour later, Colin showed up at Mason's apartment.

Mason was sitting on the sofa with red eyes, looking like she had just cried.

Madam Long was sitting beside Mason and holding her hand with an apologetic face, "Colin, I didn't expect Mason to cause you such big trouble. I apologize to you on her behalf."

"I persuaded her not to do this, but she was so obsessed with you that she didn't listen." Madam Long said. Seeing Colin's indifferent face, she paused and continued, "I know that she has brought it on herself, but she's my only daughter. Could you forgive her for my sake? "


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