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My Heart only Beats for You novel Chapter 631

However, Yuna didn't give it much thought.

Because no matter what, she could never associate the president of YS Group with a hotel waitress.

When they ate, it was so silent that she could hear a pin drop.

Yuna's gaze fell on Tobias again and again.

He did not seem to be in the mood to eat, and his movements were very robotic.

But even so, the way he ate was very goodlooking. He was noble and elegant, exactly like what Yuna had imagined.

She couldn't help smiling.

When she was sixteen, she saw Tobias on television and from then on, she could not forget about it.

But she didn't expect that there would be a day where she could have dinner with Tobias.

There were even limitless possibilities...

"Miss Sherman." Tobias suddenly put down his utensils.

"Tobias, just call me Yuna."

Tobias paused for a while and rephrased. "Yuna, I'm rather busy during this period of time, but I'll arrange for my subordinates to take you around, and they'll get everything arranged for you."

As soon as he finished speaking, Yuna's heart skipped a beat.

She had thought that having dinner with Tobias meant that they were off to a good start, but now, he meant...

He didn't want to have anything to do with her...

Yuna smiled. "Tobias, I just want you to bring me."

"Sorry, Yuna, I don't have the time for that." His tone was cold and distant.

Although Tobias had promised that he would not make things difficult for Peter, he also had his bottom line.

He didn't have any thoughts or feelings for Yuna, so there was no way he'd do anything that crossed the line.

Yuna took a deep breath.

Her gaze started to become teary.

His attitude pierced her.

Yuna murmured, "Tobias, you know why I come to Glevania, don't you?"

Tobias's breathing hitched.

After a while, he said in a sincere tone, "Yuna, if my grandfather gave you the wrong impression, I apologize to you on his behalf. But I don't plan on getting married for the time being, nor do I plan on coming into contact with any women."

Yuna's face turned pale.

She didn't say anything and just lowered her head to eat.

After dinner, the driver sent Tobias and Yuna home.

They were silent along the way.

When they arrived at the Whitlock family's villa, Peter quickly pulled Yuna aside.

He asked excitedly about their dinner.

Yuna didn't say anything, but her beautiful eyes brimmed with endless grievances.

Peter understood everything when he saw her current state.

A thick sense of displeasure surged through his heart.

Tobias had promised not to make things hard for him!

Yet he'd made Yuna so upset. How was this not making things hard for him?

Peter had no choice but to comfort Yuna. " Yuna, Tobias is just a little aloof. He's always like this, don't take it too personally." "Grandpa." Yuna felt wronged. "He is not just aloof. It seems that he is not interested in me at all."

Peter started to scold Tobias. "He just has bad taste. He's blind if he can't see just how nice you are, Yuna. Don't worry, I'll find someone better than him for you."

"Grandpa, no." Yuna refused Peter and stammered. "I, I like him."

Peter suddenly had a headache.

It wasn't like he could force Tobias to be with her.

Moreover, Tobias didn't seem like someone that would surrender to force at all.

At first, Peter was full of confidence when he first came to Glevania.


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