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My Pretty Sweetheart novel Chapter 633

Hendrix had arranged for bodyguards to stand guard around the villa. They were all calmly standing by the main gate, their eyes coldly gazing at the few men getting off the Benz.

I looked towards Andrea. "If the two of you were supposed to be together, all it should've taken was one year for that to happen instead of four."

Her expression turned cold. "Arianna, you crushed my hopes for love, and my reliance on familial affection. Do you think that I'll let it go just like that? It would be great if you had just left, but you've returned. If he won't accept me, then I'm not going to sit by and let you both have a peaceful relationship."

I was not provoked by her words. From her perspective, there was nothing wrong with her persistence and her love. It could even be considered encouraging, how she fought so desperately for what she wanted.

I nodded, noticing a black Bentley slowing down to a stop at the roadside in the distance. "If you can't get over it, then whatever you wish to do is none of my concern. But I must remind you this -since so many years have passed, you should understand more than I do on how to treasure something and to know what you really want. Realistically speaking, you know better than anyone that you and Hendrix are a done deal. Do you still want to waste another four years of your life? You can be reckless about love as an eighteen or twenty year-old, but at the age of thirty, you should've known by now that your own life is more important than romance. You're a gorgeous, capable woman. Even if you don't meet another man like Hendrix, there are still plenty of good men around you. There's nothing wrong with settling for second best."

Even though my words rang true, it was still not right for me to say them because any woman with pride would not allow such disgraceful words to be said about them and especially, not to their faces. As expected, Andrea was enraged.

Just as her palm swooped downwards, Irvin strode forward to block it. It had been a long time since our last meeting. His face was a grim sight, and he was exuding an even more vicious aura than before.

"This is the first, and also the last, that I catch you doing this. If I find out about this again in the future, you won't be able to use this hand anymore." He said in a threateningly cold and low voice.

He flung Andrea's arm away. A part of her wrist was reddening up; probably from Irvin's strong grip-

I didn't ask for the details, but Hendrix had asked me to reach out to him directly should I have any issues, like he had become my private assistant.

I pursed my lips in silence.


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