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My Pretty Sweetheart novel Chapter 635

He was still my benefactor after all, so I couldn't utter words that were too harsh.

He pursed his lips in silence, then spoke after a long while, "I can give you the life that you want."

He was too stubborn, I couldn't continue the conversation. Sighing, I said, "It's late, I should head home now."

I turned around. Evan walked towards me while secretly letting out a sigh of relief, as though he had been worried that I would leave with Irvin.

Indeed, how could someone with such a strong obsession let things go in just a blink of an eye? He grabbed my arm and muttered, "I have photos from the incident four years ago. You've said so yourself, people change. It's been four years since then. I didn't force you four years ago, and I wanted to use your ways to handle the situation. But since you're reluctant, I wouldn't mind forcefully getting my way this time. If Hendrix isn't concerned about his reputation, then I don't mind striking him right now."

Shocked, I looked at him incredulously. I believed that all men were born good, but why was he proving me wrong like this?

"Irvin, why? You obviously don't love me, why do you want to destroy me? Have I ever done anything to hurt you since the very beginning?"

I had been nothing but grateful to him since the year he saved my life and brought me home. When I was in the depths of despair, it was he who took care of me and brought me back to life.

But, why? Why did he have to go this far?

He sneered, expressing little to no emotions. "If you can't have it, then destroy it. Isn't that what you used to say?"

I was stunned. For a brief moment, I had no idea what to say. My heart felt as though it was getting ripped to pieces. Flinging away his hand, I said, "Then, I would rather have died four years ago."

Back in the villa, I just couldn't figure out what Irvin's goal was.

If he liked me, why did he want to hurt and destroy me? If he didn't like me, what was his true intention?


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