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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 100

Chapter 100

Moreover, apart from the details of how Stephany had saved him, Kenneth didn't hide anything from Arabella. He even told her about his past action of sending Stephany into the Saint Medical College in Foxborough.


Girls liked to be unreasonable and be stuck in their thoughts when they were angry. So as Arabella. At this instant, she was full of thoughts about why Kenneth wasn't willing to tell her the details even when he had confessed everything. It was only a mere event of Stephany saving his life.

There must be something fishy when men were trying to hide things and being secretive.

Arabella couldn't treat this matter with a calm attitude. At the same time, the Rolls-Royce Phantom had already stopped at the airport entrance.

Arabella didn't want to stay longer for even a second. She released the seat belt, reached for the door, and wanted to get out of the car immediately.

Suddenly, Kenneth grabbed Arabella's slim arm. He pressed his tall and sturdy body toward Arabella and held her face with his big hands.

"What are you doing? Let go of me. Aurora is back, and I'm going to go in to pick her up!" Arabella pushed Kenneth hard.

Kenneth held Arabella firmly, "Bella, we're not finished with our conversation yet. I have confessed to you about Stephany's matter. There's nothing between her and me. Don't be angry with me anymore, okay?"

"No! No! Kenneth, you should know that I'm a person who can't turn a blind eye to anything. As long as Stephany hasn't mentioned her third request, you'll be tangled with her until that day. Wait until you deal with all these things yourself first!"

Kenneth could tell that Arabella was really angry this time. She also began to resist his touch and affection. Kenneth frowned, "Mrs. Lucero, you're really heartless. If I were you, under the premise of knowing that Stephany like me, shouldn't you make an effort to keep me by your side to prevent others from having a chance?"

"I prefer to go against common sense this time. If you keep on entangling with Stephany, I'll definitely hand you a condom on the day you sleep with her!"


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