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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 108

Chapter 108

Claire and Stephany had a good relationship, but this did not stop Claire from being jealous and vigilant with Stephany. After all, everyone knew that Jared liked Stephany.

Stephany took Claire's hand. "Claire, I told you I'm just friends with Jared. We would have been together long ago if anything were to happen between us. The person I like is Kenneth. Kenneth gave me 1.2 billion. Just now, I want to ask Jared to call Kenneth out to have fun together. Then, I'll give you and Jared a chance to be alone."

These remarks convinced Claire, and she smiled. "Stephany, you are the best."

Stephany pretended to sigh, "The Hudson and Gallagher family were originally going to be connected through marriage. You will marry Jared to be Mrs. Gallagher, but who knows... Aurora unexpectedly appeared..."

Stephany stopped at the right moment, and Claire immediately flew into a rage out of humiliation. She stared at Aurora resentfully and covetously. "I will make her disappear one day!"

Stephany curled her red lips. An intelligent woman would never get her hands dirty or blood on her hands.

Arabella tried the nude nightdress, and Aurora also thought it looked good. So, Arabella handed the nightdress to the saleslady. "I'll take this. Please help me pack it."

"Yes, Miss." The saleslady went to pack the nightdress.

At this moment, Claire came over and sneered, "Arabella, do you know how much the nightdress you chose cost? It costs 500,000. You are just a country bumpkin, so how can you have so much money? Or are you spending the money of that man in Floweret Garden?"

Not many people knew that Kenneth was the owner of Floweret Garden. In addition, Jared and Randall had not leaked it to anyone, including Claire.

Stephany walked over. "Bella, your husband from Floweret Garden can't take out so much money, right? If you really like this nightdress, I'll help you pay for it."

Aurora looked at Stephany and Claire like she was looking at two idiots. To be honest, she was looking forward to their thrilling expression changes when they found out that the man from Floweret Garden was Kenneth.


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