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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 113

Chapter 113

Jared wasn't sure whether Aurora gave the finger to him or Stephany and Claire.

The two girls felt so awkward, while Jared curled his lips and tugged at the button before his neck.


After sending the two home, Jared parked his Maybach downstairs in Winery Villa and then looked up at the bright yellow light.

At this moment, he got a message from Kenneth. "Where did Aurora and my honey play today?"

Kenneth received a message about consumption during a meeting in the company today. He gave Arabella a VIP card, but she hadn't used it for so long. After all, Arabella was very independent.

That was why he was surprised when receiving the message. Then, he smiled.

Seeing this, the executives of the company didn't know what happened to him but guessed his account was transferred to a lot of money.

Jared texted him back. "Why don't you ask your honey about it?"

Kenneth texted, "She just swiped my card. If I ask her about it, she will feel embarrassed. What if she refuses to use the card anymore?"

Jared became speechless.

Kenneth continued, "Was Aurora frightened away by you?"

Jared wanted to throw his phone away because he couldn't tolerate the way Kenneth texted. However, he thought about it for a while and then patiently texted, "I seem to have seen your honey buy a silk nightdress and do a manicure with Aurora. It should all be your favorite."

Kenneth had returned to Floweret Garden and now was in his study. He read Jared's message again and again and focused on the "silk nightdress" and "manicure".

He continued, "Why not persuade Aurora to stay in Hardgrad for a few more days?"


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