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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 125

Chapter 125

This was an impossible task.

Did Arabella dare to agree?

Arabella looked at Elise, her slender back was straight, and her clear eyes did not dodge. She nodded firmly again, "Yes, Ms. Roth!"

She agreed.

Stephany and Gregory were shocked. They looked at Arabella like monsters. Although Elise didn't like Arabella, she didn't say anything more, "All three of you go back to your respective posts."

After saying that, Elise also coldly glanced at those who took photos with their mobile phones and scolded them loudly, "You, it's you, and you, do you get too much time on your hands? Should I invite you to my office for tea?"

The onlookers had seen a wonderful play, and the video had also been posted on the Internet, so they all ran away without a trace.

Elise also left.

When Elise left, Gregory looked at Arabella angrily, "Arabella, what means did you use to enter the Confidential Medical Institute?"

Arabella glanced at Gregory, "Why should I tell you? Do I know you very well?"

"You!" Gregory was so angry.

Stephany looked up and down at Arabella. This time, she won the national bet. She really entered the Confidential Medical Institute. As for what means she used, it was no wonder that Kenneth must have helped her to come in.


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