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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 84

Chapter 84

Seth Snyder felt his legs go weak and fell on the carpet.

Everyone in the hall took out their mobile phones to take pictures. They contemptuously pointed at Caitlin Hardy and talked about her.

The wedding anniversary was messed up. Arabella Snyder stepped aside and stared at it coldly.


No one knew how this wedding anniversary ended. Seth Snyder was smoking a cigarette sitting in his study. He hunched, and he had a lot of gray hair on his head. He seemed to be years older.

At this time, the butler came in and said, "Mr. Snyder, something bad happened. Many manufacturers have terminated their contracts with our Snyder Medical Group. Not only has this short chain of funds not been replenished, but we will soon go bankrupt!"

Seth Snyder, who had been smoking a lot, asked irritably, "Why are they breaking the contract?"

"Mr. Snyder, don't you know? Mrs. Snyder is on the news hot search list again. She used to have a lot of resources in the entertainment field. Netizens have listed all the works she has participated in before. They all said that Mrs. Snyder may have sex with which directors and producers."

"And our clients of Snyder Medical Group have also been exposed. Mrs. Snyder has been accompanying you out for social events over the years, introducing you to many clients. Netizens are also revealing which clients Mrs. Snyder has sex with."

"Those clients are really scared and they canceled their contracts with us overnight. They don't want to be dragged down by us."


The old butler was a little hesitant to say that.

Seth Snyder tapped the ash in the ashtray. "What else? Say it."

"Besides, Mr. Snyder, you are also on the news hot search list. Everyone is questioning you and mocking you. They first asked you curiously about N ways to wear a cuckold. Then they asked if the money you got by letting your wife have sex with other men was enough. Did you enjoy it? Finally, they are worried about you, and sincerely appeal to you to have the DNA test of Ms. Stephany and Ms. Leia, in case you are raising children for others. "

The old butler felt that he had been merciful. Now rumors were flying all over the Internet, and the second hot news was Fool Seth Snyder.


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