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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 87

Chapter 87

Arabella Snyder returned to Floweret Garden and gave the Barbie doll she had bought to Sharon Foley. Sharon was happy like a child and quickly took a few pictures continuously, wanting to post on Twitter.

"Bella, do you have Twitter? I'll follow you. From now on, Grandma will be your number one fan!"

Arabella Snyder didn't expect Sharon to actually use Twitter. She indeed just started Twitter and it had been constantly on the hot search during this period of time. She already had 800,000 fans.

"Grandma, let's follow each other."

Arabella Snyder found Sharon's account. Her Twitter name was "Young Grandma."

Facing Grandma who's only young, a smile was tinted on Arabella Snyder's delicate brows.

Sharon put up a photo of herself and the Barbie doll. She also added the text "A gift from my granddaughter-in-law. Thank you my little Bella. Mwah."

Arabella Snyder felt that Sharon was amazing. Twitter was used skillfully and the catchphrase was well-said. She quickly gave her a like.

"Bella, Grandma has something for you too," Sharon mysteriously stuffed a sachet to Arabella Snyder.

Arabella Snyder looked at the sachet. It was quite delicate, must had been made of silken brocade from Seddale. The word "Lucero" was also embroidered on it with golden thread.

"Grandma, what is this?"

"This sachet contains the birth amulet that I asked for from the temple. Bella, you have to keep it well and don't lose it."

A birth amulet...

As expected of Grandma, the topic of having great-grandchildren could be circled back in just three sentences.

Arabella Snyder pulled her red lips and accepted it, "Okay Grandma, I will take good care of it and won't lose it."

At this time, two bright headlights on the lawn were plated through the bright glass windows. Sharon smiled and said, "Bella, Ken is back."


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