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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 90

Chapter 90

Kenneth liked when she looked mad. Her clear eyes were round and bright. She looked fresh and vigorous. He replied, "Yes, I'm only naughty around you."

Arabella wanted to stop talking about this. She helped him wear the new belt and nodded in satisfaction. "It looks so nice on you."

Kenneth had a great body shape. Any belt would look good on him.

"What do you mean by giving me a belt? You want to tie me up?"

"Wrong." Arabella shook her head. She grabbed his belt and pulled him towards herself. She then raised her chin and declared arrogantly, "What I mean by giving you a belt is that... from now on, your belt can only be taken off by me!"

Kenneth's eyes darkened and looked as if there were red flames in them. He pressed her shoulders with his big hands and pushed her onto the bed. His knee pressed against the bed. "Kenneth Lucero fully obeys Mrs. Lucero!"

Arabella fell on the soft bed and her silky hair scattered. She raised herself to kiss his handsome cheek softly. "Mr. Lucero is such a good boy."

Kenneth lifted her veil.

Arabella was still very young. Her beautiful facial features had just matured. Her eyes and brows were so youthful and delicate that no one could bear to blaspheme her but everyone wanted to own her.

Kenneth held her stunning little face and wanted to kiss her bright red lips.

Arabella knew he liked her face very much, bordering on obsession. She dodged.

Kenneth opened his eyes and asked in a hoarse voice, "What's wrong? Didn't you miss me these days?"

Arabella was so allured by his low and hoarse voice. This man was too attractive. She almost had an orgasm just by listening to him.

"Mr. Lucero, you are too naughty... I'm a little scared."

Kenneth supported himself with his big hands on her sides. He looked down at the girl between his arms. She was too young.


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