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My Quick-witted Baby novel Chapter 97

Chapter 97

Arabella suffered from betrayal when she was a child. She had lost all the people who loved her and the people she loved. So, she cherished everyone around her nowadays, such as Aurora, Sharon...

Arabella happily grabbed the pile of snacks and held Sharon's hand, "Okay, grandmother. Let's watch television and eat snacks!"


Kenneth returned early on this day. The maid pulled open the villa's door. After changing his shoes at the entrance, Kenneth walked into the living room. Immediately, he saw Arabella. She was sitting on the soft wool carpet.

The girl was wearing a lilac-colored slip dress and a creamy white plush cardigan on the outside. The skirt was neatly covered below her knees. Her two beautiful, slender, and fair legs were combined and bent to one side. She looked pure and casual.

Now, she was watching television with an unsealed bag of snacks in her hand. She was biting a piece of crispy sweet potato flake.

Sharon was sitting on the sofa, "Ken, you came back so early today. It hasn't yet six o'clock."

"Grandmother, isn't it nice when I come back home early to accompany you?" Kenneth raised his hand and unbuttoned his suit button.

Sharon put a piece of potato chips into her mouth, "Don't tease your grandmother. You're back to accompany Bella, right?"

Kenneth looked at Arabella. Under the light, Arabella also turned her bright, black eyes toward Kenneth and looked at him.

As their eyes met, Arabella said softly, "You're back?"

Kenneth nodded, "Yeah."

"Oh," Arabella seemed to have nothing to say. She turned her eyes back. However, instead of watching television, she lowered her eyes and took a bite of the sweet potato flake.

Kenneth walked over with his long legs and squatted in front of Arabella. He felt that the Arabella, who was eating sweet potato flakes quietly, was looking well-behaved. She looked obedient and cute, making his heart soften.


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