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My Second Husband novel Chapter 688

Juju had always been easy to get along with. She had always been an obedient and considerate child.

Eudora had never dealt with this kind of situation and she didn't know what to do at that moment. She just wanted to quickly bring Sugar Bun out from the water and check on him.

However, the more she tried to do that, the more he struggled.

In the end, Eudora didn't dare to carry him anymore, but Sugar Bun was still crying.

Eudora's heart tightened and tears welled up in her eyes. She hoped that Amos and Juju would come back soon.

A middle-aged woman next to her seemed to have noticed the situation and she quickly swam over...

"Could it be that something in the swimming pool has entangled around the little fellow's leg? Don't panic, the child is very scared now. He would only become even more frightened if you panic!"

Eudora nodded and she immediately dived into the water to have a look.

Sure enough, she saw a tassel entangling Sugar Bun's leg. It probably came off from someone else's swimsuit and sank into the pool.

She quickly undid the knot, but Sugar Bun was still struggling hard. The harder he kicked, the tighter the knot became. Eudora was afraid that the tassel would hurt him, and she grew even more anxious.

Luckily, the woman helped to calm him down, hence Euodra eventually pulled the tassel off.

However, Sugar Bun was terrified and he immediately turned away from Eudora. He didn't allow her to touch him.

Amos and Juju came back shortly after and noticed that Sugar Bun was crying loudly. Eudora was in tears as she tried to comfort him.

Amos immediately rushed over. "What's wrong?"

"Hubby..." Her tears rolled down her cheeks as she called out for Amos.

"A tassel got onto Sugar Bun's leg, and he was frightened. Now, he refuses to let me hug him..."

Amos nodded and quickly comforted Eudora. "Hey hey, it's alright. I'll take a look at


He then turned around and started comforting his son.

"Daddy is here..."

The pitiful little boy, who had been crying, opened his eyes and glanced at Amos. He immediately reached out and hugged Amos.

Eudora felt her heart sinking. As a mother, she had failed her children.

Amos patted Sugar Bun's back as he turned to hold Eudora's hand. "Let's go."

Eudora noticed the bruises on Sugar Bun's leg when they reached the lounge.

He usually wore an anklet, but that had never bothered him. However, because of the tassel in the pool, Sugar Bun had accidentally scratched himself when he was struggling.

The wounds on his fair and tender skin were conspicuous. Eudora felt as though a knife had cut into her heart.

She burst into tears, "Sugar Bun, it must've hurt so much..."

It was no wonder he cried so much just now.

Amos patted her back and comforted her, "Don't worry, there is a hospital nearby. Let's head over and have a doctor look at him, alright? You're injured as well."

Eudora hadn't noticed the wound on her arm at all as her full attention had been on her own son.

Fortunately, Sugar Bun's wounds weren't serious. They were superficial wounds and the doctor quickly sanitized and bandaged them.

The Iodophor solution that was used to treat the wound stung a little, and Sugar Bun immediately starting bawling again.

Eudora's eyes reddened as she looked at her son. She wished that she could endure the pain for him.

Sugar Bun was crying out loud while her heart was bleeding in pain.


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