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My Step Sister And I: Pregnant For Me novel Chapter 59

"But even good managers know better than to be seen with a whore like myself." Tori continued, as if reading my mind, but was simply continuing the conversation we had been having. "Every other one of the big managers steer well clear of me, but not you. Every chance you get, you leap at the opportunity to talk to me. A good guy like you... you just want a little taste of the other side, don't you? A sample of the dark delights you're missing out on," she said, her voicing lowering to a lusty tone, moving around the desk.

Why did I talk to her? I mean, like I said, I liked to judge people for myself, but there was pretty overwhelming evidence in the case of Tori K. Sure, I would never not be cordial to someone and I think that was all I was with her. I never wanted anything more from her. I didn't want her to flirt with me. I wasn't interested in her in that way. It wasn't like I was one of THOSE guys... right? All those guys, who acted like they disliked Tori or looked down at her, but when the time came they were still happy to leap into bed with her. No... no. I wasn't like that. I was not that type of guy. I was better than that now. But Tori was unconvinced.

"You kid yourself into thinking you're being nice, but you just want to get close to me. You want to smell me. And maybe, if you get lucky, you'll get one good taste..." she said, moving in close, purring in my ear. I felt the softness of her huge breasts pressing against my arm, and this contact caused me to jump a bit. I moved away from her, not daring to look, as she stepped back around the table, content with not pushing forward too quickly.

"I think perfect Randy has a little crush..." she began, cocking her head at me slightly as she walked back towards her projected presentation. "I think someone's in love with my huge titties!" she sang, giving them a little jiggle. I couldn't help but glance at them for a moment, but it was enough. Her smirk told me she noticed.

"So, by the end of this interview, I will not only prove that you need a slut like me by your side, but I will prove that you are actually the dirty, slut-mongering asshole you pretend you're not." she said professionally, as if presenting the fourth quarter earnings.

"Okay, so, I'm gonna power through a couple of the other points so I can get to the good stuff. With your point about clichés making your eyes glaze over, clearly, you've never seen anything like me. And besides, it's not gonna be cliché's making your eyes glaze over. And, not being afraid to blow you away... I mean, c'mon? You're practically spelling out how you want a slut on her knees... 'blowing you' away. And then, thinking outside the box, ignoring the list... clearly, I'm way ahead of you there," she said, quickly clicking through the slides.

"And that brings me to the good stuff," she said, smiling wickedly, as if this was the moment she had been waiting for. She clicked to the next slide. "Now, there are two points left... 'SET YOURSELF APART' and 'DO YOUR RESEARCH'. And, to me, they're intertwined. Now, there are plenty of other candidates, and as I said before, their qualifications are impeccable. They have me beat. But, to take my place as your personal whore, then it's not the other applicants I'm competing against," she paused, and gave me a smug, arrogant glance. "The person I'm competing against is YOUR WIFE."

She advanced the slideshow, and up appeared a picture of Vicky, my wife. I moved forward in my seat slightly, caught off guard. The picture was just showing her face, the sun shining through her hair, her brilliant teeth flashing at the camera. It was a great picture, but knowing it was Tori showing me this sent a surge of concern through me, as if I knew deep down what she was about to do. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"This is your wife, Vicky. Pretty as a peach, and sweet as can be." Tori affirmed. "I've met her, and yeah, she is as nice as everyone says. She is totally perfect wife material," she said, her lip curled up slightly, as if there was something insidious hidden within this seemingly sweet compliment. She advanced the slides forward to another picture, this one of Vicky and Tori, standing side-by-side at a Christmas party, smiling. "Girls sniff each other out immediately. And even a girl like Vicky, the sweet perfect Kindergarten teacher, she had to know I was the office skank. But like the sweetheart she is, and like the bad but now sweet husband she married, she didn't shy away from chatting me up, being friendly and nice to the dirtiest tramp in the office.

I sat there in silence, waiting for the other shoe to drop. As if on cue...

"But..." she began, with an arrogant smirk, "We did have time to snap this picture, and honestly, I think this kind of sums up the whole thing." The picture itself was in an office, Vicky and Tori side by side. Vicky looked stunning, her golden blonde hair hanging down past her shoulders, perfectly styled. She wore a slim cocktail dress, the material hugging her slim, athletic body. It was formal and tasteful, not showing too much of anything. Her chest was mostly covered, only the upper chest bared, and the dress went down to her knees. Her legs appeared from the dress, leading down to her stylish high-heels. She looked stunning. She was the perfect picture of restrained, mature, adult, feminine sexuality.

Tori was the opposite.


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