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My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel Chapter 1132

My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel Chapter 1132:

 At Chapter 1132 Nicole and Jared find themselves entangled in a web of secrets. As the chapter unfolds, Nicole becomes increasingly aware of the subtle nuances in her husband's behavior. A nagging feeling tugs at her, hinting that Jared's love may not be as transparent as it seems. The content of Chapter 1132 shows
Little did she know that behind closed doors, a different side of Jared emerges, leaving her to grapple with questions about the authenticity of their connection.
Nicole's suspicion intensifies, fueled by whispers of doubt that echo in the corridors of her mind. In Chapter 1132 of My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel, the couple's seemingly idyllic life takes a turbulent turn as Nicole unravels the layers of Jared's persona. Read My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel Chapter 1132 at NovelFreePDF.com.

"I'll tell you everything I know," the tattooed man caved in.

"Give him the antidote." Jared looked at Claus.

Soon after, Claus administered the antidote, which stopped the decay from spreading to the rest of the man's arm, putting an end to the agony, or so it seemed.

Then, the tattooed man looked at Jared with resentment in his eyes. "That person, it won't ever cross your mind."

"Don't beat around the bush," Claus urged. "Tell us who hired you!"

"Henry Johnston." The tattooed man looked at Jared's expression the moment he had said it.

Upon hearing the name, Claus narrowed his eyes at Jared, whose expression remained blank.

"Aren't you surprised? It's your uncle who ordered me to poison your grandfather. This news will be very viral!" he said, and erupted into a gale of maniacal laughter.

"Do you know what you're talking about?" Jared asked. "Let me tell you that you will not survive, slandering Henry Johnston."

Although Jared hated Henry, he did not wish to believe that Henry would go so far as to murder his family members.

"I'm telling you the truth," the tattooed man continued. "Believe it or not, just a few days ago I met him in a restaurant. He ordered me to find an opportunity to have another go at the old man and said that this time, he would make that old man sleep forever. These are all his words."

Now that it had been said, he no longer had anything to hide. The fate of Henry Johnston was thus left in the hands of God. Jared, having received the photos a few days ago, then showed them to the man with the pentagram tattoo.

"Is this the person?"

"Turns out that you have been eyeing us for a long time. It seems that you're destined to find it."


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