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My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel Chapter 1134

My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel Chapter 1134:

 At Chapter 1134 Nicole and Jared find themselves entangled in a web of secrets. As the chapter unfolds, Nicole becomes increasingly aware of the subtle nuances in her husband's behavior. A nagging feeling tugs at her, hinting that Jared's love may not be as transparent as it seems. The content of Chapter 1134 shows
Little did she know that behind closed doors, a different side of Jared emerges, leaving her to grapple with questions about the authenticity of their connection.
Nicole's suspicion intensifies, fueled by whispers of doubt that echo in the corridors of her mind. In Chapter 1134 of My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel, the couple's seemingly idyllic life takes a turbulent turn as Nicole unravels the layers of Jared's persona. Read My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel Chapter 1134 at NovelFreePDF.com.

Murphy pulled a syringe out with his hands trembling, and jammed the tip into an IV bag. Then, the duo rushed out without checking twice. However, they retreated in fear as soon as they had reached the door, as someone had walked in.

"What are you doing here?" Jared appeared as he stared them down.

It seemed like Jared had already identified them, so Castor fumbled, "We're here to see grandpa, but he's already asleep, so we're heading back now."

He immediately tried to leave right after he had completed his sentence.

"Wait a second," Jared said, startling the duo so much that their knees almost buckled.

"What's up?" Castor said, trying to sound as calm as he could.

"Why are you in face masks at night?" Jared asked, sizing them up.

"We caught a cold, and we didn't want to pass it to grandpa," Murphy answered.

"You're both ill?" Jared asked.

"Yeah." They both said, not daring to look at Jared as they were afraid that he would notice something.

"There was a terrorist attack at the stairway moments ago," Jared pointed out. "How did you get in?"

"Well... Nothing really happened when we were coming in," Castor lied.

Jared then walked up to Mr. Johnston Sr.'s bed. "Why is the surveillance camera not working?! What did you do to grandpa?!"

Jared turned and glared at them at once, petrifying them as they thought, 'Sh*t! Jared has found out!'

Then, they slowly turned around and swallowed, as the both of them were on the verge of a panic attack.

The bodyguard grabbed their wrists in an instant, and the syringe fell out from Murphy's grasp, its clinking echoing throughout the room.

Claus picked it up and looked at it. "Have a look at this, Mr. Johnston."

Jared snatched it from Claus and inspected it, before glaring at them. "Why did you do this? Who told you to do this?!"

Both Castor and Murphy dropped to their knees in fear and begged, "We didn't plan this. Our dad ordered us to do this."


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