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My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel Chapter 1136

My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel Chapter 1136:

 At Chapter 1136 Nicole and Jared find themselves entangled in a web of secrets. As the chapter unfolds, Nicole becomes increasingly aware of the subtle nuances in her husband's behavior. A nagging feeling tugs at her, hinting that Jared's love may not be as transparent as it seems. The content of Chapter 1136 shows
Little did she know that behind closed doors, a different side of Jared emerges, leaving her to grapple with questions about the authenticity of their connection.
Nicole's suspicion intensifies, fueled by whispers of doubt that echo in the corridors of her mind. In Chapter 1136 of My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel, the couple's seemingly idyllic life takes a turbulent turn as Nicole unravels the layers of Jared's persona. Read My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel Chapter 1136 at NovelFreePDF.com.

"What?" Mr. Johnston Sr. looked at Jared in complete shock.

"It seems that he was already prepared," Jared murmured.

"That insolent brat!" Mr. Johnston Sr. yelled. "Get him back here, even if he is in hell right now!"

Then, he burst into a fit of coughs.

"Don't get so riled up, grandpa. Your health is our priority. Let us take care of this," Jared comforted him.

"Get the doctor and bring these two downstairs," Jared proceeded to order. "Then, get someone to keep an eye on that tattooed lackey of his and see if Henry contacts him."

"Yes, sir," his security detail said.

"You should lie down." Jared laid Mr. Johnston Sr. down as he did not want his grandfather's condition to worsen.

"Mr. Johnston, what should we do with the terrorist?" one of his men asked.

"Just do whatever is necessary," he said.

"Yes, boss," his bodyguard replied.

After a minute or two, the doctor strode in.

"What's wrong with Mr. Johnston Sr., Mr. Johnston?"

"He was slightly agitated. Please check on him," Jared explained to the doctor as he looked at him.

"Alright," the physician said, and proceeded to perform his checkup.

After a round of examination, the doctor looked at Jared and said, "He is fine, but his blood pressure has slightly increased. Please don't get him worked up again."

"Understood." Jared nodded.


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