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My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel Chapter 1163

My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel Chapter 1163:

 At Chapter 1163 Nicole and Jared find themselves entangled in a web of secrets. As the chapter unfolds, Nicole becomes increasingly aware of the subtle nuances in her husband's behavior. A nagging feeling tugs at her, hinting that Jared's love may not be as transparent as it seems. The content of Chapter 1163 shows
Little did she know that behind closed doors, a different side of Jared emerges, leaving her to grapple with questions about the authenticity of their connection.
Nicole's suspicion intensifies, fueled by whispers of doubt that echo in the corridors of her mind. In Chapter 1163 of My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel, the couple's seemingly idyllic life takes a turbulent turn as Nicole unravels the layers of Jared's persona. Read My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel Chapter 1163 at NovelFreePDF.com.

Nicole observed her surroundings carefully. If there was an adversary in the area, she might very well be exposed to their line of sight as well.

At that exact moment, Harvey called her. "Nicole, I found Kelly."

"Where is she?" Nicole asked sharply.

"In a restaurant near the movie theatre," Harvey said, sounding relaxed.

Nicole was relieved and said, "Stay where you are. I'll come over to you."

"Okay, we'll wait for you here." Harvey gave Kelly a look of resignation after he ended the call.

"Why didn't you answer my call moments ago?" Harvey glared at Kelly, though he was actually concerned.

Kelly shrunk as she looked at him. "There are way too many people here, so I didn't hear the ringtone."

Harvey shook his head and issued a sigh.

It was then that Nicole walked in. She immediately understood what had happened when she saw that Kelly was safe and was holding a bag of snacks. "You went off to buy some snacks?"

"Yeah, I noticed that you didn't eat much back in the barbeque restaurant, so I came over to buy you something when I saw that they were selling some snacks." Kelly explained, so afraid that she hung her head low without looking at Nicole as she spoke.

Initially, Nicole was rather ticked off at Kelly. But after hearing her explanation, Nicole smiled. "What can I say? Thanks for buying us snacks, but you really got us worried."

"I'm sorry about that."

Nicole shook her head and explained, "You don't have to apologize to us, Kelly. I just want to tell you can't just walk around like you do back in our home country. We wouldn't know what would happen if you bumped into the wrong people. That is why you must remember, try not to walk alone next time. Just tell us where you're going and we'll come with you, okay?"

"All right, I'll keep it in mind." Kelly looked at Nicole with a grimace.

"Okay, thank God you're safe. Let's head back now," Harvey said, attempting to soothe the both of them.

"Let's go." Nicole patted Kelly's shoulder.


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