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My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel Chapter 1173

My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel Chapter 1173:

 At Chapter 1173 Nicole and Jared find themselves entangled in a web of secrets. As the chapter unfolds, Nicole becomes increasingly aware of the subtle nuances in her husband's behavior. A nagging feeling tugs at her, hinting that Jared's love may not be as transparent as it seems. The content of Chapter 1173 shows
Little did she know that behind closed doors, a different side of Jared emerges, leaving her to grapple with questions about the authenticity of their connection.
Nicole's suspicion intensifies, fueled by whispers of doubt that echo in the corridors of her mind. In Chapter 1173 of My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel, the couple's seemingly idyllic life takes a turbulent turn as Nicole unravels the layers of Jared's persona. Read My Wife Act Differently Behind Me novel Chapter 1173 at NovelFreePDF.com.

Nicole gave him a blank stare. "You can think as you wish, but don't mention anything weird. I need Ike's help while I'm abroad for the time being."

He noticed that Nicole did not seem to be having any problems, and this gave him a sense of relief. "If you need to use the R&D lab, I can help you with the preparations right away."

Nicole sighed. "That won't be necessary. I won't be using it for a long time. Hell, I may already be on my way home after you're done setting the lab up."

Knowing how competent she was, he stopped querying her, and agreed to accompany her to Ike's R&D lab.

Noticing the stern look on his face, Nicole raised her brow and asked, "Jared, did you really get the news from here?"

In response, Jared nodded. "I didn't lie to you. I don't really need to come here to do the work, but then, you're here."

A sense of warmth filled her heart up upon hearing the second half of his sentence as he had said it with such sincerity. "Alright, I get it. Well, you should go and check on your things. I might be here in the R&D lab for the whole afternoon."

She did not want to take up too much of his time.

Jared felt reluctant but agreed to her statement anyway, as he noticed that Nicole wanted to concentrate on her work. "I've booked a hotel for you. I'll pick you up once you're done."

Not expecting Jared to be so accommodating and well-prepared, every ill feeling that she had ever had for him vanished, and she nodded frivolously. "Okay."

Jared then patted her head and gave her a doting look. Nicole was at loss as to what to do and allowed him to touch it before he withdrew his hand. She could not feel the urge to resist when he did.

Soon after, their car pulled up at Ike's R&D lab, marking Jared's first time there. He was not expecting it to be a factory in the suburbs, and upon seeing such a crude design, Jared could not help but ask, "This is his R&D lab?"

Nicole nodded, "Well, it looks simple on the outside, but don't let that fool you. The interior houses everything we need."


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