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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Divorce Agreement

Penny sat down on a sofa by the window and quickly replied, "Can I meet him before signing the agreement?"

She was in the Fletcher Group now. As long as Orlando was willing to see her, they could meet right away.

The lawyer said he would ask Orlando about it.

Orlando was reading a document behind the black marble desk on the top floor of the building.

Zane opened the door, came in, and said, "Mr. Fletcher, Ms. Stuart would like to meet you."

Orlando briefly looked away from the document. He did not want to talk about this matter, so he indifferently replied, "No."

He thought she was playing tricks to stop him from divorcing her. Did she think he would change his mind after meeting her? She was much too confident!

A trace of boredom flashed in his eyes when he coldly said in a deep voice, "Let the lawyer send the divorce agreement to the Stuart family and watch her sign it."

Zane nodded, stopped talking about Orlando's wife, and began to confirm the schedule, "You have an appointment with Grant Gain, the president of Prosperity Bank, at the golf course this afternoon. It's time to set off."

Orlando stood up, casually fixed his tie with his slender fingers, and said, "Let's go."

Time passed by. After Penny sat down, several formally dressed people came one after another. When she quietly sat there, she looked like a beautiful painting.

Soon, she received a call from the Stuart family.

Cason asked in a rare anxious voice, "Penny, what's going on? Why does Orlando suddenly want to divorce you? Is there something wrong with your relationship? Come back. Let's talk about it."

Penny paused for a second and replied, "Dad, he had stayed abroad for three years since we got married but suddenly came back. Don't you know why?"

Cason was so anxious that his lips were blistering. So, he said, "Penny, you can't divorce. The Stuart family is having a difficult time. We're facing the second round of financing. If you divorce now, our stock price will decrease, and the shareholders will divest."

Penny heard Helen saying beside Cason, "I've long told you she is unreliable. She does not care about you and your business. If she had made the slightest effort, Orlando would not have let the lawyer directly send the divorce agreement to us! Now, we became a laughingstock!"

Cason kept silent for a moment and then said in a deep voice, "I'm doing it for your good. It's hard for divorced women to remarry. Why don't you ask Rex for help? He always likes you."

Penny felt depressed and wanted to ask whether it was for her, the company, or Helen and her family's good. But she couldn't.

When her mother passed away, Cason brought her everywhere to protect her, including his meetings. So, she only told him Rex had gone to a nursing home abroad. After comforting Cason for a while, she hung up the phone.


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