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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Ms. Foster, Aren’t You Going In 

She didn’t have any other choices now. 

“Mr. Mckay, can you please give me an address? Since this matter has progressed to such an extent, it seems like I have no choice but to agree to it.” 

A smile flashed across Clark’s eyes. He liked this aspect of Penny the most. 

She could always understand the situation and make a wise decision. 

He had heard that Ryder also suffered loss because of her and that she had a special relationship with Orlando. It would be interesting to conquer such a woman. 

“Perry, I’ll send a car to pick you up.” 

Before the Orchid Building… 

As soon as Penny got out of the car, she saw Clark standing before the building holding a big bouquet of roses. Wearing a white business suit, he looked rich and unrestrained. 

Then she saw Clark walking toward her. 

“Perry, this is for you.” 

Penny didn’t take the bouquet. She smiled and said, “Mr. Mckay, are you always so kind to your business partner?” 

“Perry, you’re not just a business partner in my heart. Let’s go. I’ve reserved the biggest room in this building. I heard that we could see the whole view of Chatville from the inside.” 

Clark didn’t feel embarrassed at all after being declined by Penny. 

When entering the hall, he casually handed the bunch of roses to the female receptionist. The latter blushed when she received the flowers, her heartbeat quickening. 

The Orchid Building was very famous in Chatville. It was said to be favored by businessmen. And it was true that they could enjoy the whole view of Chatville from the several top-class private rooms in the building. 

Probably rich people all liked such flashy things. 

Clark studied Penny’s figure with the corners of his eyes. She was emanating a cold yet charming aura. It wasn’t self-contradictory at all. On the contrary, the two qualities complemented each other. 

At the thought of this, he curled up his lips. When they were waiting for the elevator, a group of people walked over. 

Walking in the front of the crowd was Orlando, accompanied by Billy, Ruby, and Randy whom Penny had met in the gambling house. It seemed like they were also here for dinner. 

Orlando still looked elegant yet indifferent. 

His gaze landed on Penny, but he withdrew it swiftly. He looked horrifyingly quiet and cold, like a Greek God statue. 

Randy, who was talking to Orlando, noticed his gaze and looked over. Then he saw Penny. 

“It’s you.” 

Randy spoke before Orlando could say something. 


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