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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Forced to Put on a Show 

Her tone turned somewhat melancholy as Zoey spoke, and her gaze toward Niko became even more affectionate. 

"Niko looks like that little dog. So cute! Perry, where do you live? Can I come over to play with it?" 

After saying this, Zoey glanced behind her. This road seemed to lead to a villa, one of the more expensive villa areas in Chatville. 

This place was more than the prime real estate. When it was initially launched, most of the best villas had already been reserved. Perry's coming from here indicated that she likely came from a well-off family. 

Penny could sense what Zoey was thinking and hurriedly explained. 

"I just happened to pass by this area. This road is great for walking dogs, and the scenery is nice. But my home isn't here. I've recently finished renting, and I'm moving soon. I'll let you know once I've settled." 

Zoey didn't doubt her words and continued to caress Niko's head, playing with it. 

Penny looked at the canvas behind Zoey and noticed that she had only completed half of her painting. It seemed like she had arrived not long ago. 

"Aren't you going to continue painting?" 

Zoey reluctantly removed her hand from Niko's head and picked up her paintbrush with irritation. 

"I didn't have time last night. I have to finish it now. Ugh, it's due tomorrow." 

"I'll take Niko somewhere else for a walk. By the way, happy birthday. I'll give you your gift later." 

Since she was attending a birthday banquet, a gift was necessary. 

Penny had prepared sketch pieces she had practiced before, highlighting key points. 

Zoey didn't lack anything, and giving her jewelry or the like would seem tacky. 

"Okay, thank you. If you're still renting, don't choose anything too expensive. I don't lack anything." 

"Don't worry; you'll like it." 

The two chatted for a bit longer, and Penny didn't want to linger here any further, fearing she might run into someone she knew. 

She took Niko and headed back, but when they neared Hills Villa, she saw Orlando's car slowly passing. He was heading to Hills Villa, too. 

Penny's whole body stiffened and instinctively stopped, pulling Niko behind a large tree. She didn't want Orlando to see her. 

Orlando now knew her identity; was he coming to confront her? 


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