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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 122

Chapter 122 Overnight, They Became Enemies

In the heat of the moment, Noah didn't bother to control his tone, so his voice echoed throughout the corridor.

If he had spoken in clear Mandarin, Orlando would have understood what they were arguing about and guessed Penny's identity. After all, Noah had just called her by her full name.

Unfortunately, Noah dropped out of school early on and spent a few years working on construction sites in several coastal counties. He befriended people from all over the country who had come from rural areas to work. In addition, he had always wanted to escape from the impoverished Prodale County, so he deliberately picked up their accents.

It's not difficult to understand the meaning behind someone's local accent, but when multiple accents from different counties were mixed together, it became unclear and strange.

So Orlando had no idea what they were arguing about. He could only vaguely hear what Penny was saying.

As for Noah's words, he didn't understand a single word.

He was fluent in several foreign languages, but he couldn't understand this particular foreign language spoken by Noah.

Outside the corridor.

Penny fell silent for a moment and almost burst out laughing in anger.

"If it weren't for Philip and Haley, do you think I would willingly bother with you?"

A twenty-eight-year-old man who still hadn't found a proper job, ran away with hundreds of thousands of dollars from clients, lost over a million dollars in gambling, and made his parents pay off high-interest loans for him. What face did he have to complain here?

Penny grabbed his arm and pressed the answer button.


But it wasn't Philip's calling, it was her aunt, Haley.

Haley's voice was filled with exhaustion and hoarseness.

"Penny, I didn't want to make this call, but I have no other choice. We don't have Mr. Fletcher's contact information, and the police won't release Susan. We can't afford that much money. Plus, the demolition is happening soon. Philip and I borrowed some money from relatives and bought a few houses from our neighbors, hoping to pay back a portion. But now that the news of the demolition has come out, their children have come knocking on our door. Philip's leg is broken, and he's bleeding from his head. He's still in the hospital, and I can't afford the surgery. The money we had before is all with Susan, but now that she's in the police station, and I can't find her. I have no other options."

Upon hearing these words, Penny's heart clenched.

She felt both angry and powerless.

She had thought that they would let Susan stay in prison for a while. Once a month had passed, Penny would find a way to gather the money and bail her out.


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