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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Shall I Call the Police for You? 

Zane recalled the scene he had just seen and was shocked, but he quickly reacted. "I'll go investigate her immediately." 

Orlando pursed his lips and thought with a frown, "Apparently, she's playing hard to get. What a low trick. 

Maybe investigating her was exactly what she wanted." 

With that in mind, he said, "Just forget it." 

He was sure that Penny had done all this on purpose and that she would certainly be in his sight again. 

Penny hurried back to her apartment and washed herself from head to toe several times before falling into bed. 

When she closed her eyes, her mind was filled with Orlando's ferocity. She recalled, "At first, it hurt, but later, the extreme thrill seemed to pierce into my bones. 

In fact, except for hearing from him the name of another woman, it was not so hard to accept that my virginity had been taken from me by Orlando. 

Angie Bender... 

That's why he wants to divorce me." 

Exhausted though she was, the pain in her body kept her awake. 

Penny rolled over, still feeling uncomfortable. 

She then got up and opened a drawer. Inside were two red marriage certificates. 

Orlando himself was not present on the day of obtaining the certificates, but by the great power of Rex, Penny was able to get them alone. 

It was the first time she had taken them out, the first time she had looked closely at the man whose name was printed on the same certificate as her own. 

After just a glance, she threw them back and planned to go visit Lana. 

It was noon when she drove to the hospital, and the servant who kept watch in the ward had gone to lunch. 

Lana Stuart, who was resting, was surprised to see Penny. Her thin little face lit up, and she sat up quickly. 

"Penny, why are you here?" 

Her face was still a bit pale, but she looked quite good. "Did Dad make a fuss again? I told him I'm okay and specifically asked him to keep it a secret from you." 

Penny sat down by the hospital bed and handed her a glass of warm water. "Dad is worried about you." 

Lana had been weak and sickly from a young age, and in severe cases, she had to stop to catch her breath after taking a few steps. From time to time, she had to stay in the hospital for a few days, so Cason doted on her the most. 

"But I really don't like being in hospital. Mom is always watching me, so I can only have some plain congee." Lana pursed her lips pitifully. "I've been listening to the nurses talking about the jellied bean curd in the hospital canteen these days. I really want to eat it." 

She took Penny's hand and said, "Penny, my dear sister, please. I can leave the hospital today, so having some of it won't do any harm to me." 

Lana's eyes widened with excitement, and she looked like an innocent little animal. 

Penny could not resist her and bought back a bowl of jellied bean curd. 

"You can only have a taste. You can't swallow it." After repeatedly reminding Lana, Penny took the spoon and was about to feed her. 

Just at that moment, the voice of Penny's stepmother and Lana's mother, Helen Ritter, came from the door, "What are you doing?!" 


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