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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 25

Chapter 25 It Has Nothing to Do with Me

Kale thought, "Penny is the most mild, unambitious, and rational woman I've ever seen.

It's hard to imagine that someone like her might have experienced domestic violence."

It was not strange for Kale to think so. After all, Orlando had shown no mercy that night, and no normal person could have imagined that sex could leave such a shocking mark.

As a result, Penny became even more awkward now.

"He is quite nice to me, and in terms of marriage, only the wearer knows where the shoes hurt."

Kale gave her a deep look and let out a sigh.

"Then give your friend a call, or I can't leave at ease."

Penny could only take out her phone and call her friend, Sandra Dudley.

Unlike her, who was a lady of the Stuart family only in name, Sandra was a truly wealthy lady and one of her few friends.

When they were in college, they were assigned to the same dormitory with different majors.

Sandra had been very busy these days. When she arrived, it was already two hours later. She chatted with Kale outside the ward for a while before Kale left at ease.

When Sandra pushed open the ward door and saw Penny's pale face, she couldn't help but feel angry.

"Why didn't you tell me about Orlando's return? That jerk has ignored you for three whole years. What did he come back for?"

Sandra's name sounded gentle, but she had a very short temper.

"Probably to divorce me."

Penny raised her hand and rubbed the space between her eyebrows. "We both know well why we got married back then. He has someone he likes, so he's naturally unhappy after being forced to break up."

"Someone he likes? Do you mean his childish relationship with Angie back then? They have broken up for so many years, and I don't believe Orlando is so affectionate."

Penny coughed and took the glass of water which Sandra handed her.

"It has nothing to do with me whether he is affectionate or not, as long as he pays me the wages on time."

Sandra thought it was funny and sat down beside her. "That's true. How could I forget that you're the soberest type of person?"

As soon as she had finished speaking, there was a knock at the door.

Lana poked her head in, and when she saw Penny in bed, she looked worried.

"Penny, what's wrong with you? You look so pale."

She trotted over and said, "Dad said he saw someone very like you, so I wanted to come up and have a look..."


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