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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Keely's Suspicion

The message was anonymous, and the phone number was not on her contact list, but Penny guessed at a glance that it was also from Orlando.

She thought, "Meeting at the Fletcher's mansion?

Is he going to talk about divorce with me formally?"

Penny did not think much about it, for whether they divorced or not made little difference to her.

After browsing through many famous artworks, she had the basic design drawings in her mind and planned to have a look at the layout of that house again tomorrow.

The next morning, Penny drove to Orlando's company.

Since she was going to Orlando's house, she naturally needed to inform him. Also, she had a few small questions she wanted to consult him with.

It was her second visit to the Fletcher Group, and the front desk seemed to remember her face. At the sight of her, the front desk frowned.

"I'm sorry, Miss. Please go to the business department for cooperation discussion. You will have to make an appointment to see Mr. Fletcher. Please leave here."

The last time Penny was here, the front desk had already imagined her to be the kind of woman who would do anything possible to meet Orlando and get rich.

"I'm Mr. Fletcher's interior designer. I want to ask him a few questions. Please ask him if he has time to see me. It will only take ten minutes."

The front desk looked at her up and down a few times and found that Penny had a natural manner and clear eyes, so she made an inside call.

A minute later, the front desk hung up, looked up at Penny, and said, "Please turn right. Mr. Fletcher asked you to take the exclusive elevator to the top floor."

After confirming her identity, the front desk became very nice. It seemed that she was really annoyed by the women who had come to the company and wanted to see Orlando.

Penny walked to the exclusive elevator and just wanted to enter it. However, when the elevator stopped, the person who came out was actually Keely.

"Why is Keely at the Fletcher Group?" she couldn't help but think.

Before she could walk away, Keely had already stopped her.


A hint of surprise appeared in Keely's eyes, followed by anger. "What are you doing here? Are you going to pester Orlando? Didn't I make it very clear to you last time?"

Keely tried to control her temper and did not lose her composure.

"Penny, if you want money, I can also give you it, but there is really no possibility between you and Orlando. I don't want to make things awkward, and you know Orlando has always had someone in his heart."

"Ms. Moran, I'm here only for business."

Keely obviously didn't believe it. She hadn't heard of Penny's company and was sure that it was a small studio. As a result, she did not believe that Penny would be able to establish a business relationship with some senior manager of the Fletcher Group.

She raised her eyebrows, and her gaze turned sharp.


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