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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Lydia Bender

She apologized so quickly that Orlando didn't even know what to say for a moment.

He even felt a little frustrated talking to her.

"Mr. Fletcher, then I'll go there for inspection now, and I will communicate with you about the designs later. If you are satisfied, I will find a decoration team to start work."

Orlando nodded slightly and didn't look at her again.

As Penny walked out of the office, a woman carrying coffee approached.

She deliberately took a step aside. The woman was dressed up with exquisite makeup, and when she passed by, she deliberately stumbled on herself.

The cup of coffee she was holding suddenly splashed on Penny's breast.

Penny was wearing a light-colored outfit today. Being splashed like that, she was instantly in a mess.

She frowned and looked at the woman, who was not good at acting.

The woman raised her eyebrows and covered her mouth in surprise.

"Oh, I'm really sorry, Miss. Let me find some wet tissue to help you wipe it."

Penny glanced at her work card, and the name on was Lydia Bender.

"Is she from the Bender family?" she couldn't help but think.

Lydia had thought that after saying this, Penny would politely wave her hand and refuse her.

Unexpectedly, Penny stood there still and looked at her with a smile. "Okay, then please find some wet tissue to clean my clothes up."

Lydia's expression stiffened, thinking she hallucinated.

At the moment when she learned that Penny was being ushered into Orlando's office, Lydia deliberately made a strong cup of coffee, the color of which was so much darker that it could not be wiped off.

Seeing that things did not follow her script, she frowned and said, "I don't think the wet tissue will wipe it clean."

"Then please think of another way, or buy me a suitable outfit online now. I still have important work to do next, so I really don't have time to go home and change it."

Lydia's face darkened, and she thought, "Can't this woman get my real meaning?"

When the people on the top floor saw Lydia embarrassed, some of them gloated, others whispered.

Lydia was a new intern at the Fletcher Group. Taking advantage of her identity as the Bender family, she was very arrogant in the department.

It was said that her cousin Angie was the first love of Orlando, who still had feelings for her. Therefore, Lydia was even more arrogant and often mentioned Angie's name.


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