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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Mistress

She looked so frank that Orlando suspected he had made a fuss because he had seen too little in this regard. He motionlessly stood in place with a gloomy face like an emotionless sculpture, making people dare not look at him.

When the elevator was going down, Penny thought she must fight for the studio's future. Only after she had come out to work did she realize pride was not worth a cent sometimes. Moreover, Orlando could pay too much.

"Mr. Fletcher, could you please tell me what style you like? I am willing to try. If you're unsatisfied, I won't charge you a cent."

Orlando did not know how to describe this woman. He remained silent for a while to fight back his anger and then asked, "Don't you have a customer now?"

Penny was a little surprised to hear that. It turned out Orlando was worried she would multitask. Some designers worked for several customers at the same time, but she cared about quality the most.

"Don't worry, Mr. Fletcher. If I take your order, I won't work for other customers before the contract ends. If you're interested, please give me five minutes to introduce it in detail."

"I am not interested."

After Orlando stepped out, Penny did not chase him because she was supporting Kale. She must send him to the chauffeur first.

Even though Kale was drunk, he kept a polite distance from her except when he had staggered just now.

As soon as helping him out of Moonlight, Penny saw the headlights of a car not far away flickering. Soon, the car door opened, and a pretty woman got off. Seeing them, she immediately walked over and raised her hand to slap Penny without saying a word.

"It's you! You often pester him in the studio and send milk tea to him in the middle of the night! I've tolerated you for a long time! What do you plan to do tonight when my husband is drunk?"

Penny was supporting Kale with both hands, so she failed to dodge the slap and felt a burning pain on her cheek.


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