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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 85

Chapter 85 She Suddenly Felt Very Ashamed

Haley was a little embarrassed, and Philip was even more at a loss.

Penny ignored her. "Uncle, Auntie, then I'll go first."

Haley and Philip hurriedly went out to see her off.

Thinking about it, Penny couldn't help but ask, "Uncle, it's said that the big boss is going to develop the tourism industry in Prodale County. If your house is torn down, what are you going to do with the money?"

House prices in small counties were low, and a very spacious house with four bedrooms was only worth about three hundred thousand dollars.

Speaking of this, Philip was very excited.

"I'll pay off the loan sharks your cousin owed first and then buy a better house. Penny, did you get any news?"

Philip remembered that Penny and the boss were in the same car.

"Well, I'm just not sure yet. Uncle, you and Auntie should make a good plan before deciding. You're getting old. Don't give all the money to Susan."

Philip coughed lightly. "Susan... is quite nice, although she's a little lazy. Never mind her rudeness."

It didn't make sense. So Penny said goodbye and drove away.

Philip clenched his hands in excitement and his cheeks turned red.

"Penny must get the news. The houses in our district must be demolished. Honey, let's borrow some money to buy all the houses next door. If these houses are demolished, we'll make a fortune."

Haley hesitated. Those who lived there were elderly people. Either their children were working outside, or the whole family lived in this bungalow. If they bought the houses of these people, these people would hate them after knowing that they got the news in advance.

"Honey, let's go back and discuss it with Susan. Penny was in a car with the boss yesterday. The boss must have told her something. This is our opportunity. Let's sell the car and a piece of land, and then borrow some from relatives. In this case, we can buy two houses. When they are sold, we'll make several times the money!"

Haley no longer hesitated and was tempted.

Penny didn't know that the news she told them almost caused great trouble.

When she was just about to drive away, she suddenly found that she had left her mobile phone charger at Adding Hotel, so she had to go back.

But because the county was crowded and the traffic wasn't well planned. The speed of the car among pedestrians was as slow as that of a turtle crawling, which made Penny almost lose her patience.

It was only half an hour's car ride. But it took her an hour to slowly drive to Adding Hotel.


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