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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 89

Chapter 89 The Approved Design

Penny quickly composed herself, wearing a perfect smile.

"I just feel like I accidentally overheard your personal matters, Mr. Fletcher, so I feel a bit awkward."

After all, if these details were to leak to the media, tomorrow's headlines wouldn't be difficult to anticipate.

There had been no rumors about his marital status for years. Once this news got out, it would create quite a stir.

As the heir to the Fletcher Group and one of the youngest business magnates, Orlando had already made a name.

Even during his time in Silicon Valley, his achievements had been reported by The Times.

It was no surprise that Rex held him in high regard.

Naturally, his private life would attract much attention.

Orlando closed the file on his knee. "Ms Perry knows how to keep things discreet," he stated calmly.

Then he cast his gaze towards Hills Villa outside.

Zane assumed he was about to enter, but all Orlando requested was, "Arranged for someone to bring my clothes here later."

Zane nodded and made a turn ahead.

Then he courteously addressed Penny, "Ms. Stuart, allow me to drive you to your apartment."

Penny's apartment had been sold, and she was currently waiting to sign the contract to finalize the transfer. It would be convenient to handle the matter now and get the paperwork done.

"Sure, thank you," Penny replied gratefully.

"We should be the ones thanking you, Ms. Stuart," Zane responded cordially.

Silence enveloped the car as it eventually arrived at the apartment.

Meanwhile, the car designated to pick up Orlando had already arrived.

Orlando swiftly departed, leaving Penny behind.

She stood in front of her own car, ensuring that they wouldn't return. Then she called the real estate agent, informing them that she was ready to sign the contract.

The agent had been waiting for her call, so the contract was signed successfully within half an hour.

Now, all Penny had to do was wait for the bank to transfer the money.

She drove back to Hills Villa and noticed Anika anxiously waiting outside, which made her amused.


Anika extended her neck and glanced behind her, making sure no one else was there.

Then she let out a sigh of relief and then inquired with curiosity, "Ms. Stuart, what's going on?"

"It's nothing, I just worried that Mr. Fletcher might show up. I still have some things in the car, could you please bring them down for me?"


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