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Pampered by My Ex-husband novel Chapter 94

Chapter 94 His Hurtful Comments

Cason had a dream about Violet Glover, his ex-wife and Penny's mother.

As he woke up, a sense of guilt washed over him.

Perhaps it was the recent anniversary that had invoked such a dream. At that moment, he couldn't help but feel sorry for Penny.

While Orlando was indeed excellent, if Penny didn't like him, their assigned marriage would also hurt her.

To be honest, Penny had never worried him from childhood to adulthood.

But now, a growing chasm seemed to be forming between father and daughter, causing Cason immense distress.

A flicker of anger glinted in Helen's eyes.

As one grew older, they became softhearted.

In the past, she could instigate Cason; but now, with him vulnerable, coupled with the recent anniversary of his ex-wife's passing, he might be prone to overthinking.

Helen had never emerged triumphant against Violet in the past. And now she had no intention of allowing history to repeat itself, especially when it came to Penny.

"Honey, please don't overthink it. You have been nothing but good to Penny. The key point lies in her unpleasant personality," Helen reassured Cason, "just look at how Mrs. Moran treats us. If Penny had a little more assertiveness, Mrs. Moran wouldn't have dared show such disrespect."

Cason remembered Keely's words and erupted into a fit of coughs.

What Keely said was truly harsh.

But it was true that due to the $3 billion financing, Penny chose to marry Orlando.

It was not surprising that Keely looked down on their family and Penny, which was why she lashed out with hurtful words.

"Honey, just look at Lana," Helen urged, "she genuinely cares for you, and if it weren't for her poor health, she would have come to see you by now. I didn't dare mention your hospitalization to her. Talon just called and advised you to rest more. Please try not to worry too much about the company's affairs. You've already delegated them, and Talon will gain more expertise in your absence."

"Husband, just look at Lana. She really cares about you. If it weren't for her poor health, she would have come to see you by now. I dared not mention your hospitalization to her. Talon just called and said for you to rest more. Don't worry too much about the company's affairs. You have already delegated them, and he will learn more in your absence."

Cason's complexion brightened at Helen's words.

Lana and Talon had proven themselves to be more sensible compared to Penny. Penny was too independent. He, as a father, always failed to help her as though he didn't exist in her world.

"Penny is indeed not as sensible as Lana." Cason agreed and commended.

As soon as he finished speaking, footsteps could be heard at the door.

Penny had returned and heard that.

A wave of awkwardness wash over him, his expression shifting.

On the other hand, Penny lowered her eyelashes and placed the nutrition meal she brought on a nearby cabinet.

"Dad, are you hungry? Have something to eat first," Penny offered, her voice gentle.

Cason opened his mouth, longing to explain himself, but quickly realized he had no way to justify it.

He let out a sigh of resignation.

"Okay," he replied.


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