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Perfect Mysterious Husband novel Chapter 637

Although Minerva had never met Maddox's mother, she could tell from how he described her that she was a strong-willed woman who harbored great maternal love.

She only found out she was pregnant after the divorce, so she could have easily gotten rid of the child.

However, she still chose to keep him without a second thought.

"What happened after?" Minerva couldn't help but ask.

"After that..." Maddox's thin lips curled up slightly. He seemed to be smiling, but his smile and gaze were rueful, "She had a hard time on her own. She was pregnant and her body was in discomfort. Coupled with the injuries on her body, she persisted through sheer will alone. And then... After giving birth, she raised me on her own and her life became even harder."

For some reason, Minerva suddenly thought of herself. After she separated from Maddox and went abroad, she was practically in the same situation. However, she still had her relatives take care of her and Quill provided her with good living conditions. Later on, she also had Vera to accompany her.

Even so, she still felt like her days back then were hard. Now that she thought about it, Maddox's mother must have suffered even more.

She could relate.

"When I was younger, I knew that my mother was divorced. I knew who my biological father was and what kind of mistakes he made. Besides that, I also knew that my father brought his mistress and her son home after my parents got a divorce. Everyone knew what the man did wrong, but no one dared criticize him because of who he was. He was caring towards that woman. Everyone said he was like a model husband, hmph..."

At this point, he laughed coldly. His laughter was so cold that it could send chills down someone's spine.

A cheating man was called a model husband because nobody dared to criticize him due to his identity.

How disturbing.

Minerva could imagine how anguished Maddox must have felt.

Had he known these things since he was a child? How did he grow up so well?

Suddenly, she began to understand why he hated her so much back then. He was always very critical when speaking to her.

"Don't you think he is worthless? He got what he deserved. Later on, something went wrong with the plane he boarded, and both he and his mistress fell into the ocean."

Minerva was silent.

"Then they never returned again, huh."

As they spoke, the two of them arrived at a restaurant. Maddox wrapped his arm around her waist and acted as if nothing happened, "Should we eat here?"

She wondered if he even still had the mood to eat.

He ordered for her as she didn't respond. Then, he held her by the arm and led her inside. The two of them found a place to sit.

Minerva couldn't help but ask, "What happened after they fell into the ocean? How did you get back to the Yardley family?"

"You really want to know?" Maddox glanced at her and his thin lips lifted slightly. "Let's eat first, and I'll tell you after we're done."

She silently stared at him.

How could this person pique her curiosity and not tell her the story?

Thinking of this, she glared at him and didn't say anything.

Maddox couldn't help but laugh at how she was acting.

"Do you really want to know?"

Minerva looked at him and said, "Can you continue please?"

His eyes darkened. "After he fell into the ocean, the Old Master of the Yardley family ordered his men to bring me back to the Yardley family home."

"So you went back?" She asked again.


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