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Perfect Mysterious Husband novel Chapter 644

Hence, even if he hadn't mentioned it, Minerva would have brought it up in the end.

Maddox thought for a moment with his lips pursed, then he said slowly.

"Tomorrow, I will arrange it. You can have a rest today."


She nodded and said, "Okay. We'll go back after meeting her tomorrow."

It was so ridiculous for her to suddenly leave the country. Plus, Vera seemed to be in a bad mood, although she didn't sensed any emotional issues when they called the night before.

However, Minerva still noticed in the video that Vera's eyelids were a little swollen and her eyes were red. This proved that she had been crying for a long time.

As for why Vera was crying, it was obvious.

Therefore, Minerva had to go back as soon as possible.

"You're in such a hurry to go back?" Maddox furrowed his brows, "It's not easy for you to come out. Are you going back just like that?"

"What else? Would you rather I go on a tour?"

"Does that not sound good to you?" Maddox stared at her deeply. She couldn't tell what he was thinking. After a while, he suddenly raised the corner of his mouth and his eyes lit up, "Perhaps it's better to go back sooner."

Why did she feel like he was being really suspicious?

Minerva suddenly remembered what he said to her before they arrived.

"I want to be your official man."

"I want to be your son's father."

Minerva was stunned.


She had totally forgotten about this. If she kept urging him to go back, it seemed like she couldn't wait to have him as her official partner.

Minerva secretly gritted her teeth. After all, she had forgotten about it, so she didn't have to say anything now.

However... She thought of how Maddox was going to meet Beanie.

Minerva was still very nervous.

When he saw Beanie looking exactly like him... What kind of expression would he have?

Was it shock or fear? Or perhaps... He would be happy?

Her heart was filled with all sorts of emotions. However, she couldn't even imagine it now. She could only wait until she returned home.

After staying in the hotel for a day, at night, Maddox went out. Minerva was video calling Vera in the hotel room with his laptop.

Because Maddox was not around, Minerva was very at ease. She told Vera everything. They chatted for a while about work, and then Vera suddenly asked her if she wanted to video call Beanie, who had been wanting to see her.

Minerva thought for a while. Maddox had been out for a long time. He probably would not come back so soon.

She nodded, "Okay, call him over, but you have to tell him that I can't call for that long."

"No problem."

Soon, Vera called Beanie over. Minerva sat quietly in front of the table and looked at the screen. After a moment of silence, a cute little head popped up.


Seeing Beanie, Minerva couldn't help but curve her red lips into a smile. Her gaze and voice turned soft.



In the next second, the expression on Beanie's face instantly became unhappy, "Mommy, you are bad. You promised not to send me away even if you were busy with work."


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