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Rebirth of the Phoenix Princess novel Chapter 622

Hearing Luo Qingyan's question, Lady Hua Guo froze. She hesitated for a moment before saying, "Isn't it? Is it not your first baby? " Then he turned to Yun Shang, who was listening to them with a smile.

Luo Qingyan looked in the direction of Lady Hua Guo.

Yun Shang smiled and said gently, "Of course it's my first baby."

Lady Hua Guo meditated for a moment. Then she looked at Luo Qingyan, who was in a daze, and asked, "Prince Rui hasn't known about your pregnancy?"

Yun Shang smiled more brightly. She nodded and said, "No. His Highness has just woken up. I have so many things to talk with him that I forgot to tell him."

Yun Shang made light of her pregnancy.

Luo Qingyan hadn't recovered from the shock.

Lady Hua Guo grinned. "How could other things more important that this matter. You must di it on purpose."

Oh, No. Lady Hua Guo had laid out her intention.

Yun Shang lowered her head and curled up a big smile on her lips.

"Shang'er, are you pregnant? Really? Are you really pregnant? " Back to his senses, Luo Qingyan rushed to Yun Shang and knelt before her.

Yun Shang nodded and winked to Luo Qingyan. Luo Qingyan was waiting for the response of Yun Shang. Seeing the situation, he suddenly held Yun Shang in his arms, laughing. "How lovely! You're pregnant! We have a baby. Our baby..." Then he began to sob.

Yun Shang almost burst into tears.

Lady Hua Guo said worriedly, "Watch out! Shang'er can't bear it now."

Hearing this, Luo Qingyan quickly put Yun Shang back on the chair and looked at her up and down nervously, "Shang'er, are you okay? Did I hurt you? II didn't mean it. I was just too happy." Then he let go of Yun Shang with hesitate. He wanted to hold Yun Shang but was afraid of hurting her. There was panic in his eyes.

Yun Shang smiled and shook her head. She held Luo Qingyan's hand and smiled at him.

"Idiot." Lord Hua Guo snorted at Luo Qingyan's response, but her eyes were full of smile.

She pulled Lord Hua Guo's arm and glared at him. Seeing them, she knew that the couple must have a lot to say, so she stood up, grabbed Lord Hua Guo and quietly walked out of the garden house with him.

Luo Qingyan could see no one but Yun Shang at this moment. He stood up and carefully held Yun Shang in his arms, murmuring, "That's great. I'm going to be a father."

Yun Shang allowed him to hold with the smile on her lips.

After a long time, Luo Qingyan calmed down a little. He released Yun Shang's hand, rushed to the door of the garden house and asked the butler to call a physician. The Butler thought there was something wrong and sent for a physician as soon as possible. Yun Shang knew that he was in high spirits, so she didn't stop him.

After Luo Qingyan gave his orders, he hurried to Yun Shang, crouched down in front of her, and carefully touched her belly with a frown. "Why is your belly not big at all like those pregnant women?"

Yun Shang was amused by his childish behavior. "Didn't you say my waist was getting thicker? The baby is only two months old. Of course there isn't obvious difference."


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