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Rebirth of the Phoenix Princess novel Chapter 625

Luo Qingyan held Yun Shang's waist all the way, and followed the butler to a yard with the words "wind tower" written on it. The yard was well decorated, but the servants in the yard were very anxious.

The butler led Luo Qingyan and Yun Shang through the outer hall and entered the room. The room was spacious, but it was a little crowded with a dozen people. Yun Shang raised her sleeve and coughed, throwing a small pill into her mouth secretly.

Several people stood beside the seventh prince's bed. An old man among them said something to the empress. The empress frowned tightly as if she was not happy.

"Your Majesty, Prince Rui and Lady Rui are here." The butler stepped forward, interrupted the old man who was talking, and reported, "Your Majesty, Lady Rui feels uncomfortable. When I went out to look for her, Prince Rui was about to take Lady Rui back home. There are so many good doctors in the mansion and they could check for Lady Rui.

The empress raised her eyes and glanced at Yun Shang indifferently. She nodded and ordered the people standing in front of her, "In that case, go to help Lady Rui first."

They must be the doctors. Yun Shang thought as a servant quickly fetched a stool for her, and Luo Qingyan helped her sit. He whispered in her ear, "Will they know we are lying after taking a pulse for you?"

Yun Shang shook her head with a smile and gave Luo Qingyan an an reassuring look. Seeing this, Luo Qingyan remembered that his wife was not only smart, but also an excellent doctor.

Yun Shang smiled and extended her hand. The old doctor who had just talked with the empress extended his fingers on Yun Shang's wrist. After a while, he stood up, and the other doctors took turns to take Yun Shang's pulse.

"How is it? How is Lady Rui? " The empress asked as everyone stood up.

All of the doctors turned back and bowed to the empress. "Your Majesty, Lady Rui is pregnant. She has a poor blood circulation. In addition, she had a cold stomach just now, so her condition is indeed not good."

Luo Qingyan frowned at their words. He reached out and held Yun Shang's hand tightly. Although he knew that it might be Yun Shang's trick, he still looked worried.

Yun Shang gently pinched Luo Qingyan's hand to relieve him. Then she turned her head and spoke in a weak voice, as if she was so weak to say every word, "I'm afraid I've got a cold. I have been resting in the room these days, and there are always braziers in my room. Today, I have been outside for a long time. Just now, I saw that the seventh prince had an accident. I wanted to go to the bridal room to see the bride, but I felt a sudden pain in my abdomen on the way, so I have to inform his highness in a hurry."

The empress frowned and looked at the doctors. "Is there any way to relieve it first?"

The doctors shook their head and said, "Lady Rui must have taken medicine for miscarriage prevention all the time. Now we could only offer her some warm water to drink and see whether it could help a little. The baby is in an unstable condition. If Lady Rui suffers a diarrhea, her baby will be very dangerous." Yun Shang's face suddenly turned pale. "I asked his highness to take me back to my mansion because I have some precious black dragon pills. Since I got pregnant, the baby has been in an unstable condition, so I've been well prepared. If the doctors can't help prescribe some useful medicine, I will go back home first to take the black dragon elixir and then come back to make treatment for the seventh prince."

The empress also frowned. The baby in Lady Rui's belly shouldn't have existed, but it couldn't be lost because she didn't allow Lady Rui to go back to her palace to fetch the medicine..

Thinking of this, the empress also nodded. "In that case, you can go back to your mansion and take the black dragon pill first."

Hearing this, Luo Qingyan bowed to the empress, carried Yun Shang out, put on his cloak, and surrounded Yun Shang. Then he ran briskly outside the mansion, and got on the carriage in a hurry.

After the carriage moved, Yun Shang sat up straight.

Luo Qingyan looked Yun Shang up and down carefully before he breathed a sigh of relief and said, "You don't have to go back to the mansion of the seventh prince. I'll go back and tell the empress that you passed out."

Yun Shang shook her head and said with a smile, "I gave an excuse to go back first, so that the secret guards could have enough time to arrange everything. Of course, I have to go back. I want to make a diagnosis for the seventh prince and see why he fainted. I had been watching him in the room all the time. When I found that the empress asked me to take his pulse, his eyelids trembled. I assume that if I really go to take his pulse, he will definitely wake up the second before I put my hand on his wrist."

Hearing this, Luo Qingyan thought for a moment and said, "Do you mean that he pretended to pass out? But why did he do that? "


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