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Reborn In a Murderer’s Embrace (Dexter) novel Chapter 240

The weeds, like problems, were never truly gone. They'd return with the spring breeze, resilient as ever.

"We'll just have to get the gardener to put in some extra work, keep those weeds at bay. If we can't uproot them, we'll at least intimidate them. Let them know they'll be plucked if they grow too rapidly," Colin whispered.

I caught the metaphor laced in his words, but since he and Eric didn't seem to mind my presence, I felt awkward asking for clarification.

"How about a play after dinner?" Colin asked, leaning on my shoulder once we finished eating.

With Eric gone, Colin reverted to his clingy, puppy-like demeanor around me.

"I'll take you to a show," I said, raising an eyebrow and taking Colin's hand. "I bet Anthony Larson and Diane would love to have me for dinner."

They must be distraught, their precious daughter having been left hanging from the rafters all night.

"I've got your back," Colin assured me seriously, as we made our way out.

Following behind him, I couldn't help but comment, "You've really grown, haven't you? Your legs are so long."

Had the man been feeding on fertilizer? My memory was a bit hazy, but the last time I measured him for clothes, he was around six feet. Now, he must be pushing six-two?

Colin turned around with a goofy grin and winked. "Everything's grown."

I took a moment to catch his drift. His eyes were as innocent as ever, but his words, not so much.


Upon entering the Langley estate, Diane charged at me like a bull.

Colin stepped in front to shield me, his gaze icy as he watched her approach.

Diane stumbled and, unable to stop herself, fell flat as Colin deftly sidestepped with me in tow.


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