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Roar of the Supreme Warrior novel Chapter 686

James had relayed all information about the military region to them before coming.

This allowed May to know the place inside out. She immediately ordered, “Cut off all connections of the conference room to the outside world and activate the defense system.”

With a gun pressed against the back of his head, the person in charge obeyed her demands.

James stood by the door of the conference room.

After a while, he walked over to Floyd and asked, “Since everything’s fine now, do we keep watch outside or do we stay here?”

Floyd was sitting on a chair wiping off the sweat from his forehead. He dismissed the soldier addressing him. “Keep watch outside. Stay vigilant!”


James nodded and turned.

The moment he turned, he opened fire.

The soldiers guarding the door immediately collapsed into a pool of blood.

At the same time, James immediately pulled out a gun and pressed it against Floyd’s head.

The generals were all stunned by this unexpected situation.

Their minds went blank.

By the time they recollected themselves, Floyd was already being threatened with death.

“B-Black Dragon… Are you the Black Dragon?”

Someone asked.

His voice was quivering in fear.

James grinned. “That’s right. It’s me.”

Floyd lifted his head and looked James in the eye.

All this while, he had been wearing a beret. So, James had never seen his true appearance.

Now, his face was in full view. His looks were ordinary. It was an easily forgettable face.

“I-I underestimated you.”

James smiled coldly. “Call your boss, Floyd. I’d like to speak to him.”

Floyd steeled himself. “Do you think you can leave this place alive?”

James shrugged, “I don’t know if I will. However, I do know that you’ll die in my hands. As for the rest of you…”

James gazed at the generals of the twenty-eight nations.

“You must be tired of living. Why couldn’t you just enjoy your life back in your own country? Why did you have to come to Sol and make a huge bess? Well… Since you’re here, don’t think about leaving alive.”


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