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Roar of the Supreme Warrior novel Chapter 688

James continued, “Once the real battle begins, it won’t end that easily. The Black Dragon army will simply cross Mt. Thunder Pass and annihilate the twenty-eight nations.”

James’ every word struck fear in Pablo’s heart.

Hearing that the twenty-eight nations could be annihilated in the blink of an eye, he could not help but tremble.

“I-I will give the order to retreat.”

Pablo knew that their mission to kill the Black Dragon had failed.

He also knew that the Black Dragon would not hesitate to kill him if he chose not to obey his order. Besides, once large-scale combat between the three-million-strong army and the Black Dragon army commenced, it would be bloody and hard-fought.

In the surveillance room…

Upon seeing this, a smile broke out on the faces of May and the other assassins.

“We’ve done it!”

“Yes. We can now leave this place alive.”

“Huh… Sneaking into Southern Plains City where a three-million-strong army is garrisoned and assassinating the generals of the twenty-eight nations? That’s definitely something worth bragging about. What a shame I won’t be an assassin anymore. This would have done wonders for my reputation.”

The assassins all wore smiling faces.

In the conference room on the eighth floor…

James looked at Pablo and said, “Alright now, wipe off the sweat on your forehead. Follow me to central command.”


Pablo stood up and followed James to central command.

Many soldiers were on patrol downstairs.

They were not aware of the situation in the conference room.


Upon seeing Pablo, they greeted him respectfully.

Pablo remained silent.

Soon, they arrived.

Little Sis, Grim Reaper, and Savage were the ones who seized control of central command.



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